The following policies are applicable to participants over 16 years old for general/regular language courses and participants over 18 years old for other Language Courses, Internships and Volunteer programs. COINED General Terms and Conditions must be interpreted as a complement of the Terms and Conditions/Regulations of our partners, whose policies may be applicable when needed. For further information, please contact our Customer Care Department.


In order to guarantee availability in any of the programs offered by COINED, it is necessary to enroll according to the program initial date following the deadlines below:
· Language Courses: 4 (four) weeks

  • Internships: Up to 10 (ten) weeks, depending on the kind of internship
  • Volunteer programs: 6 (six) weeks
  • Accommodation: 4 (four) weeks, depending on the type of accommodation Note:Those bookings that include more than one program must be sent on/before the first enrollment deadline.


Steps for a successful enrollment:

  • Fill the application form available here.

Contact details:

  • COINED Head Office · San José de Calasanz 151 – X5000LHC – Cordoba, Argentina
  • Telephone number: (+54) 351 4226260
  • Toll-Free (only for the United States and Canada): 1 800 897 3867
  • Local Call (Brazil) (+55) 11 3717 – Fax (3867) 351 429 9402
  • E-mail: info@coined.us

A deposit of USD 150 (a hundred and fifty American dollars/ Euros) must be paid in advance.This amount will be taken as a partial payment of the total amount of the program. This amount will be taken as a partial payment of the total amount of the program.

  • The total amount of the program must be paid in full at least 4 (four) weeks prior to arrival. In case of Internships and Volunteer programs, the payment must be made in full before placement confirmation.
  • Payments after due date: A USD 50 surcharge (fifty American dollars/ Euros) will be charged. (See Clause I.II )
  • Special offers: Payment must be made in full when enrolling into the program.
  • Admission of late applications is reserved to COINED, and fees may apply. www.enriqueh21.sg-host.com
    Terms and conditions


I.I. Methods of payment in COINED:

  • Bank deposit / Bank transfer. Account details upon request.
  • The individual who makes the transfer bears all the expenses that may arise from the transaction. In case COINED is charged any fee for the Bank deposit/ Bank transfer, COINED is entitled to charge the student that amount when he or she arrives.For Bank Transfers, an additional USD/€ 25 will be added to the total amount of the program to cover the cost of the transaction. A copy of the bank transfer slip specifying personal details and reason for payment must be sent to confirm the enrollment.
  • Credit Cards: VISA, MASTERCARD, DINERS AND AMERICAN EXPRESS A consent with the details of the exact amount that is authorized to be debited from the credit card must be sent to confirm the enrollment.
  • A 5% (five) surcharge on the total amount to be debited will apply to cover for the credit card fees.
  • A 5% (five) surcharge on the total amount to be debited will apply to cover for PayPal fees.
  • Please contact COINED for other payment methods available.


I.II. Late Enrollments and Changes:

  • The confirmation of enrollments after the deadlines established in Clause I have a USD 50 (fifty American Dollars) surcharge.
  • The modification of confirmed bookings, before or after arrival, are subject to availability and have a USD 100 (a hundred American Dollars) surcharge for administrative costs for every modification and location involved. In the case of Internships and Volunteer programs, any modification made before or after arrival does not guaran- tee the participant the same placement and may require nominating the participant for a new placement following the enrollment deadline (See Clause I).


  • For all COINED programs, there is only one single USD 75 (seventy five American Dollars) enrollment fee that applies for life.
  • The prices of the program are published in the webpage and are valid until November 30th of the current year, leaving without effect all previous information about prices and dates.The mentioned prices prevail over any other budget, even if it is written.
  • The published prices do not include the enrollment fee. · The prices include the items detailed on the website.The participant will need to pay for any other additional service that is not specified in the program bought.



These policies apply to all the programs and services offered by COINED. Exclusions are detailed under the heading Special Policies and vary according to the program. The total amount of the program must be paid in full 4 (four) weeks prior to arrival. Otherwise, COINED is entitled to cancel the program and with hold USD 150 (a hundred and fifty American Dollars). The general cancellation terms are detailed below: 

  • Participants who want to cancel their program before arrival must request it by sending a fax, e-mail bookings@coined.us, letter or telegram. A cancellation not made through any of these means will not be accept- ed.The cancelation date will be the first working day upon receipt of the request in the COINED office and will only become effective once it has been confirmed by COINED. 
  • In all cases COINED will withheld USD 150 (a hundred and fifty American dollars). 
  • COINED does not revise the cancellation policies under any circumstances such as accidents,diseases,and personal emergencies,among others.The same policy applies to both canceled and modified programs due to visa denials, terrorist acts, wars, natural disasters, etc. COINED is entitled to replace one program for a similar one or to refund the enrollment fee based on its judgment and discretion. 
  • COINED is not responsible for cancellations and/or modifications that programs may undergo once they have started.Once the program has started,no refunds are made for the services booked; initial date is the day when the first service is rendered. 
  • All refunds have a 10% (ten) administrative surcharge of the total amount repaid and are done through the same method of payment used by the participant. 
  • All refunds are made in the currency in which the program was bought. 
  • There will be no refunds for delays or absences to the programs, whether they are justified or not. There are also no refunds for early returns, regardless whether they are justified or not.The programs of COINED are not transferable among students. 

III.I. Refunds Applicable to Language Courses and Accommodation

  • Up to 4 (four) weeks prior to arrival or course initial date. The USD 75 (seventy five American dollars) enrollment fee and any other amount paid will be refunded.
  • Between 2 (two) to 4 (four) weeks prior to arrival or course initial date. A USD 150 (a hundred and fifty American dollars) will be withheld.
  • Less than 2 (two) weeks prior to arrival or course initial date.The USD 75 (seventy five American dollars) enroll- ment fee is not refunded and a fine of the 30% (thirty) of the total amount of the booking is charged.

III.II. Refunds Applicable to Internships and Volunteer Programs

  • Cancellations before placement confirmation:The USD 75 (seventy five American dollars) enrollment fee is not refunded and a fine of the 30% (thirty) of the total amount of the booking is charged.
  • Cancellations after placement confirmation: No refunds are applicable.
  • If COINED does not find a placement within the deadlines mentioned in Clause I, a full refund will apply.
  • COINED offers the placement based on the participant’s profile. If the participant rejects it, he or she must provide the reason in writing. They will be assessed by COINED, who is entitled to decide whether to provide the participant with an alternative proposal.


IV.I Language Course

  • Class timetable: Classes are scheduled in each location and their length varies depending on the particular school. Classes are divided up in two shifts: morning and afternoon. Schools set class shifts according to their availability. Students are placed in different class levels depending on their knowledge of the language, regardless of their nationality. COINED does not guarantee special or specific timetables.
  • Reduction of Class length: After placement tests results are known, groups may be reduced due to relocation based on language level. If there is only one or two students per class, the number of hours taken are also reduced up to a 50% (fifty), replacing the group classes with private lessons.
  • Study material: Participants must buy their own study material in those locations, schools, and/or programs in which it is not included. For more information, visit 

IV.II. Internships And Volunteer Programs

  • Participants must attend interviews to be assessed on their performance. In case of absences, the process will be put off.
  • If a participant does not have a medical accident and civil liability insurance, COINED is entitled to cancel and/or postpone the program until he or she purchases one.
  • No refunds will be made if the participants arrange something different from what had previously been agreed with the Host Organization. 

IV.III. Accommodation

A week stay begins on Sundays at 8 a.m., local time, and ends the following Saturday at 10 a.m., local time. If the time limits are not met, an extra day will be charged.

  • The meal service, in the accommodation in which it is provided, is given from Monday to Saturday.
  • The accommodation is subject to availability. If there is no availability, COINED will offer other options with their corresponding prices and conditions.
  • COINED does not guarantee availability for accommodation enrolled after the deadline established in Clause I.
  • The participants must inform their arrival details 72 working hours in advance so as to organize for someone to be waiting for them at the accommodation. If the participant, fails to do so, COINED does not guarantee that someone will be waiting for him or her at the accommodation.
  • The participants can request for a change of accommodation for non-conformity. The request must be sent via e-mail to the Customer Care Department: customer.care@coined.us. The right of assessing the causes of the request and providing an alternative accommodation is reserved to COINED.
  • According to Clause I.II, a USD 100 surcharge (a hundred American dollars) will apply if the request for change of accommodation is unjustified.
  • There will be no refund if the participant decides to leave the accommodation on their own choice.
  • COINED will not be financially responsible for any change of accommodation made by the participant’s own decision. If any inconvenience arises in the accommodation, the participant must contact COINED Customer Care Department (see Clause XI) and/or call the emergency phone number of the specific location.
  • The host can report COINED about any unusual event with the participant and the host can even request a change of accommodation if needed. If the participant has booked more than one location, it is the participant’s responsibility to request COINED the program details of the following location.
  • The private apartment prices published in the price list are floor prices.When enrolling, that price may vary depending on the type and location of the apartment.
  • Depending on the type of accommodation booked, a cash deposit may be requested at the check in. The deposit will be fully refunded after checking that no damage has been done to the property. If any damage is done, the costs incurred will be deducted from the deposit or charged to the participant.
  • During public holidays, no classes are taught for Language Courses and no activities are held for Internships and Volunteer Programs. There will be no compensations. It is recommended to check the calendar for public holidays www.enriqueh21.sg-host.com before enrolling. Please contact the Customer Care Department (see Clause XI) for special policies applied to Language Courses when there are 2 (two) public holidays in the same week.They may vary depending on the location.
  • COINED will not have arrivals at the accommodation on May 1st, Easter Sunday, December 25th and January 1st.

The information published about the extracurricular and social activities and excursions at www.enriqueh21.sg-host.com are only a guideline; they are neither definite nor fixed. The extracurricular activities and excursions may incur a cost on the person who takes part in the activity.


  • The participants must inform their arrival details 72 working hours in advance, no exceptions allowed.
  • The transfer service is only applicable for journeys from the airport to the accommodation or vice versa. This may vary depending on the location.
  • The participant is responsible for any expense that may arise for not having provided the arrival information to COINED in due time and appropriate manner. In the event that the flight is delayed, and/or rescheduled, etc., the participant must call the emergency phone number of the specific location to provide the new details for COINED to be able to provide the transfer service. COINED is entitled to apply a surcharge if applicable. If COINED is not duly informed about the changes in the flight details, COINED will not take responsibility for providing the transfer service and will not give any refund. 


  • Before the program starts, participants must purchase an insurance and must provide COINED with the details of the policy and contact information. Also, a copy of the insurance policy must be submitted when the participant arrives at the chosen location. See Clause IV.II. for Internships and Volunteer Programs.
  • COINED will not be held responsible for the sickness, accidents and/or loss of personal belongings of the partici- pants (in the accommodation, schools and/or Host Organizations).
  • COINED is entitled to cancel or postpone a program if the participant is not duly insured.
  • The participants must abide by the rules of conduct not only of the program, but also of the school, Host Organization, partners and/or host accommodation.
  • The use of drugs, excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks and any other behavior that is considered offensive and disrespectful or the violation of local laws are forbidden.
  • COINED is entitled to cancel the program of those participants who violate the rules of conduct without giving them any refund. In these cases, the participants and/or their family are fully responsible for the early return and all the expenses that may arise.

It is the participant’s responsibility to gather and send all the documents necessary to apply for a program and enter the country chosen (application forms, passports, visas, permits, insurance, etc.), and to verify any specific requirement with the airline, embassy/consulate, etc.

  • COINED will not be held responsible for visa denials, delays, expenses and/or damages caused during the request of a legal permit to enter the country.
  • COINED is entitled to cancel or postpone a program if the participant does not hold the required documentation. See Clause III – CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICIES.
  • All claims and complaints must be formally notified in the school and to COINED Customer Care Department:
  • E-mail: customer.care@coined.us
  • Telephone number: +54 351 4226260, from 8am to 6pm (GMT 03:00), from Monday to Friday.
  • COINED will answer all the requests within 24 working hours.
  • COINED is entitled to assess each request separately and is not obliged to offer any type of financial compensa- tion.


  • COINED will not be held responsible for any mistakes or omissions that may occur beyond its control.
  • COINED only guarantees as valid the information provided by COINED.
  • The special offers published by COINED cannot be accumulated or combined with other offers. Special offers are subject to availability. All special offers will be applied when the booking is made.They cannot be applied to previous bookings.
  • There will be no refunds for canceling one or more items of the special offer before or during the program.
  • The participants must be aware that they can appear in COINED’s marketing material and/or pictures. 


While taking part in a program with COINED, participants must be aware that they may be exposed to certain risks.These risks include but are not limited to accidents and/or illnesses without medical assistance, natural disasters, wars, and terrorist attacks.

By signing this form, the participants accept these risks and accept that COINED together with its employees and executives are released from all civil responsibility for defamation, losses, damages, accidents, expenses or delays caused or related to means of transport, accommodation and/or Host Organizations. Participants understand that they are travelling under their own responsibility, releasing COINED from all civil responsibility related to health, integrity and security.