Live your experience in Argentina


The cultural diversity of Argentina has long been a drawcard for foreign visitors and retirees and it’s easy to see why. Its concerts, museums, historical buildings, fashion scene, scrumptious cuisine, and expansive green parks rival anything you’ll find in Europe—a part of the world that has influenced the Argentinian lifestyle in many ways.

Spanish and Italian traditions are strong here, especially when it comes to food and architecture. That ‘hint of Europe’ vibe is alive in many Argentinian cities, where you can easily believe you’ve suddenly stumbled onto a Marseilles side street or arrived at a small Viennese plaza, complete with cobblestoned streets and the smell of pastries and cappuccinos in the air.

Argentina’s cultural scene is enhanced by a profusion of special events and celebrations held throughout the year, from arts fairs and tango festivals to week-long fiestas celebrating the gaucho way of life


An Affordable Cost of Living in Argentina

In general, you’ll find the costs for everyday living expenses to be around half the price—or even cheaper—than what you’ve been paying in the U.S or Europe. This applies to most of what you’ll purchase on a regular basis: groceries, meals out, movie nights, mobile and Internet plans, utilities, transport, etc.

One of the most attractive aspects of life in Córdoba is the low cost of rental accommodation, which averages about 75% cheaper than for similar-sized places in North America. There are incredible real estate bargains to be found in Argentina, especially outside trendier city neighborhoods and in more rural locations.

Finding a cheap apartment on a quiet, tree-lined street that’s close to all amenities and ‘feels like home’ isn’t a problem here. In Córdoba, there are plenty of one-bedroom rentals within the $220 to $300 monthly price range in many outer suburbs.

¡Viví tu experiencia!