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Travel tips: A weekend full Chocolate!

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There is a multitude of places to go and things to do around Córdoba. Towns like Carlos Paz and Alta Gracia are close and easy to visit. Villa General Belgrano is the same in these aspects but one weekend in July has something that other cities don’t – chocolate. Lots and Lots of chocolate! Every year the town hosts a Chocolate Festival and this time over 30 COINED students attended the festival.
Once we arrived, most people took their time seeing the city, strolling down the main street full of shops, restaurants and pubs. At the festival (held in a sort of community center) there were many stands for souvenirs, trinkets and of course, chocolate. There was also a puppet show for children that set the mood for a fun day.
When we returned to the bus, everyone was loaded with gifts and souvenirs (mostly relating to the strong German influence in the town), and tons of chocolate!
If I had enough
Even though I’ve had enough chocolate to last a lifetime I would definitely recommend the same trip to everyone.

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