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The Top Things To Do And See In Córdoba Centro, Argentina

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Córdoba might not get the fame of Buenos Aires, but it’s a fantastic Argentine city to visit on your travels, filled with interesting architecture, fascinating museums and some great places to eat and drink. We have listed the best things to see and do around the bustling city center.

Cathedral of Córdoba
Cordoba’s cathedral is perhaps its most famous landmark and therefore definitely worth a visit. Its beautiful, old facade has remained well kept for hundreds of years, and Sunday services are still held here every week. The cathedral is just as beautiful inside as it is outside, with a luxury interior painted by the famous Emilio Caraffa, an artist from Córdoba.

Museo Emilio Carrafa
The artistic character of Museo Emilio Carrafa, located in the pretty Plaza España, becomes obvious from the outside –architect Juan Kronfuss’s neoclassical building is impressive in its own right. The exhibitions here change monthly, so it’s worth checking what’s on before you visit.

Mercado Norte
Mercado Norte is a fantastic find. This small and cheap food market sells a host of delicious typical foods, from empanadas to steak sandwiches. You’ll find authentic eats at an unbelieveable price. The market is also a great stop to buy fresh produce, so come here and get inspired to cook your own meals.

Manzana Jesuítica
The Manzana Jesuitical (‘Jesuit Block’) is an urban area located right in the city center. The block encompasses a chapel, a school, a church, the old seat of the National University of Córdoba and a residence. The Manzana Jesuítica was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2000, along with five other Jesuit landmarks across the province. This beautifully kept corner in the busy city is a calmer place to soak up some culture and history.

Parque Sarmiento
Parque Sarmiento is a huge green park within Cordoba city. While you have to go through the hussle and bussle of the city to reach it, the park makes for a brilliant day out, especially on bright sunny days. Make the most of the duck pond and get friendly with the birds. Or get out on the pond with some friends in a peddle boat for hire.

Teatro del Libertador
The Teatro del Libertador is the country’s oldest and grandest theater, erected in 1891. A theater, music hall and opera house, this is a building so impressive that it almost doesn’t matter what you come to see here – the star is the theater itself. That said, great shows and performances are staged in Teatro del Libertador, so make sure to check the website to see what’s on.

Dance tango at Cabildo
Visit Cabildo, a much loved cultural center, and try your hand at tango. You may not find yourself a natural, as it’s not as easy to pick up this dance as other Latin American dances (salsa, for example), but it’s worth a shot. Classes start at 9:30pm every Friday, and afterwards you’re free to stay and practise, which is completely encouraged and a great chance to mix with the regulars.

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