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The Most Beautiful Parks and Gardens to visit in Cordoba

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The Argentine province of Cordoba is home to some of the country’s most incredible natural landscapes. But there are also plenty of green spaces inside the city itself to enjoy the great outdoors. Check out this list of the most beautiful parks and gardens in Cordoba, Argentina.

Paseo del Bicentenario
This new green space was inaugurated in 2010 and features an unusual collection of 201 large circular rings that have been erected in Parque Sarmiento to celebrate Argentina’s bicentenary. Each ring represents milestones in Argentina’s history, while the 201st ring represents Argentina’s future. They are painted in primary colours and are reminiscent of Olympic rings. It is popular with students, who come here on their breaks to chat with friends and drink mate.

Parque Sarmiento
Parque Sarmiento is the largest green space in the city, and is a sprawling swath of lakes, trees, grassy knolls and impressive museums, statues and monuments. Lie back and relax or picnic on one of the lawns, or take a walk to the Faro, a tall twisting statue that was erected in 2011 and is intended to be the icon of the city. There is also a zoo and plenty of paths on which you can explore the park.

Botanical Gardens
Cordoba’s botanical gardens features a visitor’s centre where workshops and activities takes place, while externally there is a wealth of local and exotic flora and fauna to be explored. There is a also a pretty lagoon around which different species of trees and plants have been planted.

Parque Las Tejas
Located close to Parque Sarmiento, Parque Las Tejas is a sloping plot that is decidedly urban in nature. Bisected by and overlooking a busy road, a modern footbridge links the two sides of the park.

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