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The Best Places with Panoramic Views in Bariloche, Argentina

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Bariloche and the surrounding area is one of the most beautiful regions in all of Argentina. Known for its stunning lakes, mountains and forests, there are plenty of places to hike to in order to get some of the best panoramic views of the region. We check out the best viewpoints in Bariloche.

Cerro Campanario
The area’s most popular hike is without a doubt Cerro Campanario. This short uphill trek takes about 35 minutes, but don’t be fooled by its length, it is definitely a challenge. For those who wish to take it a little easier, there is a cable car that goes to the top, where you will be treated to easily the best view that Bariloche has to offer. With a 360 panorama over all of the lakes surrounding the city, Cerro Campanario also has an indoor cafe in case you are met with bad weather but still want to get the views.

Mirador Gutierrez
This hike brings you through some beautiful forests, past rivers and waterfalls and up a trail to a rocky bluff from which you can see across Lake Gutierrez to the mountains surrounding it. A nice plan is to bring a beer or a small picnic and spend an hour or so up there, taking in the scenery and watching locals spend a day out with their families.

Bahia Serena
Around kilometer 12 on Avenida Bustillo, the main thoroughfare along Bariloche’s border with the lake, you will find Bahia Serena, a peaceful inlet with a beach which affords one of the best panoramas over Lake Nahuel Huapi that you can see without having to climb to a height. Bring a blanket and set up shop for the afternoon on the beach, and watch the sun go down over the mountains beyond.

Punto Panoramico
One for those who like their lookouts exclusive, Punto Panoramico has taken full advantage of its location to provide visitors with a prestigious location in which to enjoy Bariloche’s inimitable landscapes. A wooden deck with comfortable chairs overlooks the network of lakes and the green-clad mountains and hills. A must-visit for anyone in the area for the first time.

Mirador Circuito Chico
Mirador Circuito Chico is a lookout point located on the Circuito Chico route, and is a great spot to stop and take some photographs. Capitalising on the view from the Patagonia Cerveceria, this lookout is old school and is just a spot along the highway, no beers or trails, but all of the panoramas you would expect from places offering any of the above.

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