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Stationary must-haves to get your life organized now

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Chances are you made a resolution way back in January to get your life more organized. Chances ALSO are you forgot all about that by February. Well, with a new season comes new beginnings, so start taking notes, making appointments, and labeling everything this spring with the help of these stationery must-haves. Chic, functional, and fun to use, they’re the perfect supplies to have on your desk at ALL times.

Pentel Slicci Pens
We are not joking when we say that these pens are the holy grail of all pens. Initially designed as an art pen, not only are they extremely precise with their fine-tip point, but they make handwriting neater, clearer, and frankly prettier. Each of the eight colors that the slice pen comes in is bold (even the black!) without ink globs or smears, and they glide smoothly on all thicknesses of paper without bleeding through.

Marquelius Notebook
While the Slicci might be the holy grail of pens, Marquelius notebooks, with their smooth, pre-perforated, color coded pages, are the holy grail of notebooks. There are a plethora of options to choose from here – between color, size, and style – that allow you to truly find the perfect notebook for your lifestyle. If a student, go for the 6-subject 8.5×11 student graph paper notebook so that you can organize each subject by color, but one could also choose a single-subject lined or graph notebook or a four-subject lined or graphed notebook. Pro Tip: The Pentel Slicci pens glide on the super smooth paper like butter in a way that actually makes you look forward to taking class notes.

Muji’s Clear-Tip Double Ended Highlighter Pen
With a choice from five vibrant colors surrounding a clear window, this highly-efficient and long-lasting pen is the king of all highlighters. The innovative clear tip makes sure you’ll never make a mistake again as it prevents you from going over what you want to highlight. The tip never frays and stays sharp pointed for precision throughout its lifetime.

Delfonics 5 Tab Folder
One of our favorites: this five-tab folder is especially perfect for students with busy course loads and sensitive backs. Throw away those binders because with this super durable, light, and colorful folder, you’ll never complain about a sore back again.

Moleskine Daily Planner
It’s never too late to start getting organized – and these cute leather-bound daily planners are the perfect way to start getting on top of things. With a minimalist design, these planners get straight to the point and give you a line for each hour of the day, with a few extra towards the end for extra reminders, memos, or thoughts.

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