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Other Latin American languages

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In Latin America we can find more than 400 different languages, 103 are used in at least two countries. The best known are: Quechua, Aymara and Guarani.
Quechua: it is a language native to the Andes; it is spoken by 9-14000000 people. It belongs to the family of the most common languages in Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador and southern Colombia. It is a language derived from the Aymara. It also includes some words used in Spanish.
The Aymara: This language has several variants; it is spoken by the Aymara people in Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. This language is the official language in Bolivia and Peru with the Spanish. It is the first language spoken by one third of the Bolivian population and is the main Amerindian language of southern Peru and northern Chile.
The Guarani: This language is spoken by approximately 6 million people in Paraguay; it is the native language of more than 5 million people. It is spoken in Paraguay (official), Argentina (the official language of the Province of Corrientes), Bolivia (official) and Brazil. Guarani was the first indigenous language of America to get the status of official language.

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