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How to Practice Spanish Daily (and yes, you have time for it!)

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Regardless of how much we try, nothing works as well for students as practicing Spanish daily. So here are a few ideas that we’re sure anyone can follow to improve their daily practice!

· Commuting
Chances are that you spend quite a bit of time commuting to work everyday. If you do this by public transport, then you create your own brand of “smart commuting” and use this time to practice Spanish daily. How? Look around you and try to remember the Spanish word for what you are seeing. Red shoes — zapatos rojos. Train — tren. Backpackers — mochileros. Strike conversations with tourists from Spanish-speaking countries! Tell them what not to miss in your city and practice Spanish at the same time. Install a language-learning app in your phone and play a little bit.

· Think in Spanish
Whether you’re having a shower or doing the dishes, you’re probably thinking or talking to yourself. Well then, do it in Spanish. Imagine conversations in your mind. If you don’t know how to say exactly what you are thinking, try to work around the sentences until it’s close enough. Or if all you’re lacking is a certain word, write down so that you can look it up later. Thinking in a foreign language is not only a great way to practice, but also of wiring your brain differently. Soon enough, you’ll be speaking in Spanish without translating from your mother language.

· Bilingual calendar
If you have a calendar where you write reminders for your business meetings, medical appointments, get togethers and family reunions, try to make it bilingual. That will help you learn vocabulary related to your day to day life, which is often the most useful. And it will not only force you to write and think in Spanish, but also make you read in Spanish at the start of each day. Especially if you’re learning Spanish for business purposes, this is a powerful trick!

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