Acompanhamento a os Idosos, Cordoba, Argentina

You are the one who can assure these children to have the chance to grow up safe and healthy.

This retirement home has one important ambition: providing a good old day to all the seniors living in its establishment. Volunteers are invited to keep the elderly company, to organize entertainment and to assist the staff with their daily duties. The elders that live here have been abandoned by their families and don’t have economic resources. They are not included in the system and the Home is a refuge for them. The staff works hard at providing the elders with all the facilities and services for them to live there. The centre does not receive any help from other institutions or professionals; that is why, volunteers are always welcome. The organization works actively to improve the quality of volunteer activities within the institution encouraging daily contact with the elderly. Volunteers must choose from the list of proposed activities that they wish to do with the elders and may suggest or implement new ones, as long as the situation allows it. Some of the activities that the center proposes are making homemade bread and desserts and creating all kinds of crafts like greetings cards, collages and dough modelation. They’ll also like it if you can provide physical activities like relaxation, coordination and elongation exercises or any outdoor activity such as cleaning the yard and working on the vegetables garden. You can also spend a nive time with the elederly by reading books to them or playing board games or simply telling them about your life at your home country and you life story. This can make them feel comfortable enough to tell you about their lives.

Join this project and make the difference!

Old and wise, but sometimes feeling lonely: that is how many seniors describe their old day. The aged are looking for heartwarming friendships and someone to chit chat with. Taking care of them is one of the most rewarding jobs that anyone can do. It means offering help; wherever and whenever needed, no matter how insignificant the task may appear to be. Who deserves our help more than the elderly? If you were able to walk on and elder person’s shoes just for a little while you would understand their feeling of despair when they try to do things that their bodies don’t let them any more. Add to that the fact that they are alone and that’s enough for them to feel hopeless. Volunteers will help by reading, cooking, serving, creating fun games and playing with them, doing exercises, taking a walk with them, massaging, helping to feed, teaching bakery, handcrafts etc. Volunteers are also expected to assist in various administrative tasks. Senior citizens are grateful for this companionship and attention provided by volunteers because it makes them feel important and special. If you have love and compassion for the old people and want to make a meaningful contribution by making their life worth living, then this project needs the helping hands of volunteers like you.


Casas de família em Córdoba

Nossas famílias sabem, devido à sua experiência, o que significa um verdadeiro acolhimento. Elas receberam vários alunos de diferentes nacionalidades, profissões e idades. Levaremos em consideração os seus gostos e preferências. Viver com uma família local é a melhor maneira de aprender seus costumes, gostos, sabores, enquanto aprende um novo idioma.

Residências em Córdoba

Se você quer viver com vários estudantes locais e estrangeiros, pode optar por ficar em um quarto privado ou partilhado em qualquer das residências que oferecemos.Compartilhar o dia-a-dia com jovens de todo o mundo é uma grande oportunidade de aprender sobre diferentes culturas e fazer novos amigos, bem como aprender sobre o lugar onde você está estudando Neighborhood's description: O Centro é a mais importante área comercial, bem como a mais importante área financeira. Tem bancos como o Banco de Córdoba e outras instituições bancárias privadas. Tem também uma variedade de restaurantes com diferentes tipos de comidas e preços. Os lugares turísticos no bairro incluem a Praça de San Martín, o Bloco Jesuíta (declarado Patrimônio Mundial pela UNESCO) e o Museu Genaro Perez. Entre as principais avenidas e ruas estão Vélez Sarsfield, Colón, *General Paz, Deán Funes e 27 de Abril, onde a maioria dos ônibus têm ponto de parada. Accommodation description: A residência está localizada no centro da cidade e a só 12 quarteirões da escola. É uma residência grande, com 14 quartos e cinco banheiros compartilhados. Tem uma sala de estar, área de lavanderia, sala de jantar, uma cozinha totalmente equipada e um espaçoso jardim. Os participantes que tenham incluso o café-da-manhã: é auto-serviço. Shares with: Outros estudantes internacionais. General Information: está proibido fumar dentro da residência – não se permite ter animais - INTERNET - TV a cabo - Serviço de faxina semanal - Aquecimento - Wi-Fi gratuito. Room's description: A residência oferece quartos individuais, duplos e múltiplos. Todos eles têm camas de solteiro, uma janela de ventilação e aquecimento, um pequeno armário e um lugar para artículos pessoais.

Apartamentos Privados em Cordoba

Um apartamento privado é a melhor opção para desfrutar da sua privacidade e conforto de seu próprio lugar. Neighborhood's description: Nueva Córdoba é o bairro dos shoppings como o Patio Olmos, grandes edifícios, bares, boates, praças, restaurantes, supermercados e outros entretenimentos e centros comerciais. Esta área inclui prédios muito importante de grandes empresas como Motorola e Intel. Um espaço cultural importante é o Museu Palacio Ferreyra, uma mansão construída em1916 com base em planos do arquiteto francês Paul Sanson. Nueva Córdoba tem uma série de avenidas importantes como Yrigoyen e Velez Sarsfield. Neste bairro vivem a maioria dos estudantes universitários da cidade, vários prédios estão sendo construídos, transformando essa área na área de mais rápido crescimento da cidade. Accommodation description: O apartamento está localizado em uma área da cidade onde vivem muitos estudantes, fica muito perto do centro da cidade. O apartamento tem uma sala de estar e sala de jantar, uma cozinha totalmente equipada, um banheiro e um quarto. Shares with: Ninguém. Room's description: O quarto tem um armário, duas camas, uma mesa de cabeceira e uma janela. O serviço de faxina está incluído uma vez por semana, bem como a roupa de cama.


Usual Volunteer Tasks

  • *Latin American students applying for Volunteers in Spain must have a valid EU passport.
    •  Over 18 years old
    •  High school degree
    •  Health insurance, accident and liability
    •  Commitment to the Host Organization,its rules and tasks
    •  Affinity with elderly
    •  Flexibility and creativity
    •  Patience, enthusiastic spirit and lots of energy
    •  Experience working with elderly preffered but not mandatory
    •  Fulfill with all legal and formal requirements for your Volunteer*
    • Providing friendship to the elderly: Keeping them company and chit chatting
    •  Organizing cultural activities and sports activities to improve the residents’ physical well-being
    •  Taking walks with them
    •  Doing grocery shopping
    •  Cooking and serving meals
    •  Cleaning, gardening and general maintenance
    •  Supporting the existing staff
    •  Arranging additional stimulating and fun activities for the residents like music shows, bingo sessions, card playing competitions, etc
    •  Assisting with bathing, dressing and personal grooming
    The tasks named above will be arranged with every volunteer according to each one’s skills and special abilities.

Project Hightlights

  • Help improve elder people’s quality of life
  • Easy tasks that make a huge difference
  • Wide range of activities that you can contribute with
  • People in their old age will be very grateful of you just spending quality time with them

Daily Routine

Participants work 5 days a week around 20 to 30 hs. The work ussually in the morning though help can be useful in the afternoon as well. Normally you’ll have your weekends free although you could be needed on special events and ocasions. You can start your day by prearing breakfast and then coordinating some activity like a walk, gim or a game.
"As a student at this school I have been very satisfied with everything. I have felt that my Spanish has developed so much in such a short time. My teachers have been fantastic!!! Group classes combined with individual classes are ideal and make a difference. The school atmosphere is wonderful and everyone is so helpful here, all of which make attending classes a real pleasure. Thank you!"
Kathy L.
German, 29 years old
"This is the second time I come to Argentina and I love it! The School’s facilities are very good, we have internet access and a lot of things. The best things about these courses is that teachers and staff help you make of this a wonderful experience. Come and see it for yourself!"
Alice R.
Brazilian, 22 years old
"My experience in Buenos Aires was great. The teachers are well trained for each level. I liked the activities that the school offered. During my 4 weeks studying Spanish I received a lot of amazing touristic spots info and another info to get advantage of my stay in the country."
Ricardo C.
Brazilian, 18 years old

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