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COINED Spanish School in Merida is a renovated three-story colonial building located in the historic city center and directly across from the Teleferico (cable car) at Plaza Las Heroínas. This is one of the most important meeting places for the city, so the atmosphere is quite vibrant. Various events and festivals are also held here.
The school is centrally located for easy access to restaurants, bars, shopping, banks, museums, cinemas and theatres.

The Spanish school in Merida is located in the historic city center and directly across from the Teleferico (cable car) at Plaza Las Heroínas.

Most Popular Spanish Courses


The Intensive course aims at developing your communicative competences in the four main skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. The lessons provide you contextualized grammar and expose you to the local culture. Teachers will assign you out of-class exercises to reinforce the content of the lessons.
Lessons per week:
20 group lessons per week.
Minimun Duration:
1 week.
Spanish Level:
Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.

Your Home Abroad

Residences & Hostels

If you want to live with several local and foreign students, you can choose to stay in a private or shared room in any of the students' residencies we offer you. Sharing a place with young people from all over the world is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and make new friends as well as learning about the place in which you are studying.

City Highlights

Cable Car

It is one of the main touristic spots. In its trajectory, it ascends from the central quarter to the Sierra Nevada, rising to 4,765 meters (15,633 ft) across 12.5 km in four stages.

Colonial Part of Town

Merida is a city with history, so the colonial architecture set as it is to the backdrop of the Andes mountains is quite beautiful. The cathedral and Plaza Bolivar are easy to appreciate on foot. There is also a pedestrian bridge over the expressway that leads to an open market for handicrafts made in the area.

Parque Chorros de Milla

It is one of the places most visited in all of the area by tourists due to the beautiful landscaping and green spaces. Trees abound in this natural park and the Río Milla has a natural waterfalls that drops about 15 meters.

97% of our students recommend the Mérida Spanish School.

Photos and Videos

Life Changing Experiences

"Hola! Como estás? That was all of the Spanish I knew before I got to Venezuela. Five months later, not only can I respond to that question, but I can continue the conversation for a long time, more than I had ever imagined. Living with a language, a culture and the people all help you to understand Spanish more quickly and easily. One of the best experiences that I had was going kayaking on the Orinoco river and gettin away from the city to go into the jungle. Apart from living in nature, in the second half of the trip we started to live with the local indigenous people. It is quite moving to see how they live beside the river, surviving with just the basics. Mérida is a lively university city, with lots of good bars and typical music. But that´s not all! It has lots to offer to tourists: hills, rafting, days in the country. One day I will come back to Venezuela!"
Daniel White
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