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Our school is located in the heart of Panama City, between the Italia street and Avenida Balboa, on the second floor of the Plaza Paitilla, and near the commercial and banking districts of the city. In this area, you will find: movie theatres, shopping malls, casinos, various restaurants, and pizzerias and bars, among other things. The language school is only 400 meters from the Cinta Costera de la Ciudad, a place where you can take beautiful walks and see the old city.

The school is located approximately 30 minutes from the International Airport of Tocumen, near the banking and commercial district of Panama, and is easily accessible by public transport.

Most Popular Spanish Courses


The Intensive course aims at developing your communicative competences in the four main skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. The lessons provide you contextualized grammar and expose you to the local culture. Teachers will assign you out of-class exercises to reinforce the content of the lessons.
Lessons per week:
20 group lessons per week.
Minimun Duration:
1 week.
Spanish Level:
Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.


The Private course is designed considering your individual needs and expectations. During the course, you will be exposed to a wide variety of topics according to your interests. It is tailor-made to your own personal needs. It is perfect if you do not have much time to study and want to focus on a specific area.
Lessons per week:
10 private lessons / per week.
Minimun Duration:
1 week.
Spanish Level:
Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.

Your Home Abroad

Families & Homestays

Our families know, due to their experience, what it means to be a real host. They have received many students from different nationalities, occupations and ages. We will take into consideration your likes and preferences. Living with a local family is the best way to learn their customs, likes, and style while you learn a new language.

City Highlights

Panama Canal

Without doubt the country's most famous attraction. You can not lose the opportunity to visit the famous canal that since its foundation has been able to shorten time and distance of maritime communication remarkably encouraging international trade, China and the United States being its most frequent users.

Casco Viejo

The Casco Antiguo or Casco Viejo has been considered a classic model of Indian city. This small peninsula in the city of Panama has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Metropolitan National Park

A protected natural area in the middle of town, the lung of the city and a great opportunity to enjoy the fauna and flora of Central America.

97% of our students recommend the Panama City Spanish School. 

Photos and Videos

Life Changing Experiences

"I took Spanish classes for two months. The teachers were excellent and we always combined conversation and theory, making it a more integral experience. Aside from that, twice a week we had conversation classes and different trips. When I arrived, I only knew a little bit of Spanish, now I was able to improve and I'm better prepared to enjoy this beautiful country, its people and its culture."
Sky Lakin
"What I liked most was being able to see “real life” in Panama – The popular places and where the people live. In my next visit, I'd like to stay longer."
"I studied Spanish for two months and was able to reach the second level. I can speak rather well and understand when others speak. I'm so happy about that! The school, the classes and the materials were really good. I want to thank every one of the teachers in general and especially my teacher Susana. Aside from studying, I was able to do various excursions con the school: I saw the Panama Canal, Old Panama and an artisenal factory."
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