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Aprenda espanhol em escolas de classe mundial através de uma metodologia orientada para resultados. Pratique todos os dias em situações da vida real enquanto desfruta do que seu destino perfeito tem para oferecer! Fale espanhol no final da sua estadia.
Cursos gerais espanhol, espanhol e atividades, espanhol e profissionais, programa Sênior.

Estude espanhol agora

A melhor maneira de realmente conhecer uma nova cultura é aprender seu idioma. Nossas escolas oferecem diferentes cursos de espanhol para todas as idades e habilidades. Seja em grupo ou aulas particulares podem experimentar a língua espanhola e viver uma nova e excitante aventura. O espanhol é uma das línguas mais faladas no mundo por uma razão! Venha para a América Latina e descubra porque esta linguagem romântica enfeitiça todos!


Escolha seu curso de espanhol e envie o formulário de inscrição on-line.


Envie-nos os detalhes do seu voo: (Companhia aérea, número do voo, hora).


Antes de sair, imprima a confirmação do seu programa e certifique-se de ter todos os detalhes dos seus números de emergência, na sua bagagem de mão.

Mixed Nacionalities


Mixed Ages

Recebemos estudantes de uma grande variedade de países e origens culturais. Suas idades e razões para aprender espanhol são cuidadosamente consideradas para melhor servir seus objetivos.


No, if you are planning to combine your destination simply register at the location you will be at first, and then indicate which date you plan to switch to another school.
You should register at least four weeks before the program starts to guarantee you a spot in our schools.  For bookings done less than four weeks before the start date, we cannot guarantee your place in a group but you can write or call us to check for availability in such cases.
You can take lessons from 9 AM to 1 PM or from 2 PM until 6 PM according to your schedule and your program. Afternoon classes (2 PM to 6 PM) are usually reserved for students requesting additional hours or different programs. Many days include school activities in the afternoon or the evening.
In almost every destination the study material, according to your level, is included. In case you choose a destination that doesn’t include it, we will let you know.
It depends on the level you already have, the one you want to reach and the kind of program you are taking. If you are a beginner, it takes approximately 40 to 60 group lessons per week to get you into the next level. But if you don’t have enough time you can reduce the time at half by achieving the same level with private lessons. For further information please contact us. We will be happy to help.
COINED offers 3 different levels following the requisites and guidelines from the Common European Framework of Reference. Each level is divided into 2 sublevels varying from lesser to greater linguistic capability: Basic (A), Intermediate (B), Advanced (C)
Our methods combine both theory and practice, addressing all of the linguistic and functional pragmatic aspects of the spoken language, along with key socio-cultural information essential for you to gain proficiency and in order to achieve your goals. Grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and vocabulary are always integrated in order to approximate you to an authentic communicative environment. You will begin with practical situations. Grammar lessons will be introduced gradually during the process. Lessons’ topics and contents are related to daily life’s situations.
You can receive university credits for attending to our schools but you should first visit your school’s language department in order to know the specific requirements. Common requests from universities are: course syllabus, talking to other teachers who know the program, classroom hours, course levels, academic policies, receiving progress reports from your teachers while abroad and giving you a test upon your return. We will help you gather all the necessary paperwork and you may schedule an interview with your academic advisor if needed.
Yes, you will get a certificate that specifies the level of Spanish achieved and the amount of hours you have taken. You will get also a progress report which includes the skills developed during your course and a recommendation letter from your teacher.
You can take your Spanish lessons in different places in various countries in Latin America. It is possible to combine destinations in any of our schools in Latin America or Spain without extra charge. You will find the same teaching method in all our Spanish schools.
If there isn’t a Spanish course according to your level, a course will be opened for you specially and you will have individual lessons until other students with the same level of Spanish arrive. The price of these individual lessons will keep the same as the group ones.
You will take a placement test on your first day to establish the Spanish course level you will attend to. You may change levels depending on your learning skills.

Mudança de vida Experiências

"As a student at this school I have been very satisfied with everything. I have felt that my Spanish has developed so much in such a short time. My teachers have been fantastic!!! Group classes combined with individual classes are ideal and make a difference. The school atmosphere is wonderful and everyone is so helpful here, all of which make attending classes a real pleasure. Thank you!"
Kathy L.
German, 29 years old
"This is the second time I come to Argentina and I love it! The School’s facilities are very good, we have internet access and a lot of things. The best things about these courses is that teachers and staff help you make of this a wonderful experience. Come and see it for yourself!"
Alice R.
Brazilian, 22 years old
"My experience in Buenos Aires was great. The teachers are well trained for each level. I liked the activities that the school offered. During my 4 weeks studying Spanish I received a lot of amazing touristic spots info and another info to get advantage of my stay in the country."
Ricardo C.
Brazilian, 18 years old
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