Flywire: Payment platform for Credit / Debit Cards, where  you can choose  in which currency you want to pay.

1- Go to

2- Choose “Make a payment” and write INTEREDU (it is important to place this information correctly, otherwise your funds will be received by an unknown person)

3- Place the country from where you make  the transaction and the amount of dollars to pay (There are TJs that have limits, it is recommended to activate or authorize with the TJ/Bank) It is always recommended to make payments of no more than 1000/1300 USD per transaction to avoid authorizations each time.

4-On the SECOND screen detail ALL the required fields, on the information of the Payer.

5-On the THIRD screen, choose the link of who pays with whom will have the service, in the Booking Number Place Payer ID and determine if the program you buy is Course, Training etc.

6- On the FOURTH screen, enter all the data of the credit Tj to pay, confirm the operation and the system indicates if the operation was successful or not.

7- One you made the payment send a message by clicking the button below “I made the payment” and we will explain you the next steps in order to start your online lessons

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