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Oktoberfest in Argentina!!!

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Villa General Belgrano is a small town located in Valley of Calamuchita, province of Cordoba, Argentina, 80 km from Cordoba Capital.
This village, characteristic of the region, is framed by two mountainous cords and two dams which gives the landscape a very singular aspect. Furrowed by rivers and streams, intermingled with big pine plantations, this scenery invite tourists to enjoy nature in every moment.
Villa General Belgrano owes its origin in some German families who arrived to these lands during the decade of 1930. Along with some native families, which were already installed in the place, they built the first houses on the banks of the stream “El Sauce”. Later other families, among others representatives of central European communities like Hungary, Switzerland and Austria, joined the settlement which gave result to a very particular establishment with singular characteristics.
That’s why nowadays we find a town with very picturesque constructions, where typical gastronomy and customs are combined with cultural events and special festivals. The Oktoberfest, beginning on September 30, is one of them and you can’t miss it!!!

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