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Wanting to stay abroad but traveling on a low budget? You dream of working abroad? Need a break from your daily routine to seek out new adventures?

Work & Travel - Chile

Wanting to stay abroad but traveling on a low budget? You dream of working abroad? Need a break from your daily routine to seek out new adventures? Do a “Working Holiday” in Chile!
Our Working Holiday programs make a temporary job in Chile possible! The programs are for participants of all ages and backgrounds from recent high school graduates to university students and even professionals. The Working Holiday programs with COINED offer you the opportunity to explore a country and get to know the people while deepening your knowledge of the language and paying for your stay by working.
You won’t receive a salary, but all Working Holiday programs provide meals and lodging. In some
cases, even compensation money.
These unique programs take place in the tourism industry, giving you the chance to help with the preparation and organization of tours as well as actively assisting guests from all over the world. Chile has much to offer for tourists through its natural and cultural attractions. There is something for everyone – from the world’s driest desert in the north of Chile to impressive glaciers and ancient trees in the southern Patagonia region. The abundance of National Parks that span the whole country attract many nature lovers seeking the beauty in the 4,500 km of coast, majestic lakes, rivers and mountains.

To make your trip exceed all expectations, you get to choose your preferred natural setting for your Working Holiday program.


Choose your Spanish Course and send the online application form.


Send us your flight details: (Airline, flight number, time).


Before leaving, print out confirmation of your program and make sure you have all the details of your emergency numbers,in your hand luggage.


  • AREA: Tourism & Hospitality sector
  • WORK PLACES: Hostels, small hotels, surf schools, ski centers, tour operators, holiday facilities, etc.
  • WORK TASKS: Depends on the area. Usually simple work/assistant jobs. Not appropriate for university internships.
  • WORKING HOURS: Between 35 and 45 hours per week; shift work may be required (the legal working hours in Chile are 45 hours a week).
  • PAYMENT: None, but free accommodation and food is provided. In some cases, tips may be earned but we cannot guarantee this.
  • LOCATION: Everywhere in Chile, mainly in touristic places or big cities like Santiago, Viña del Mar, Valparaíso.
  • START: At any time during the year.
  • DURATION: 4 weeks up to 6 months.
  • AGE: 18+ years.
  • PREVIOUS EXPERIENCES: Not necessary.
  • LANGUAGE: Functional Spanish skills (book your Spanish Course with us!)
  • ACCOMMODATION: Single room or dorm style room
  • FOOD: Included.
  • INTERNET: Depends on location. Often available but cannot be guaranteed.
  • SUPPORT: By the COINED office in Santiago de Chile (English, French and Spanish speaking)
  • 24/7 EMERGENCY NUMBER: Yes! A COINED representative will always be available in case of an emergency.
  • APPLICATION: Detailed CV, photo, completed Registration Form
  • SPECIAL DETAILS: Please indicate if participant has prior relevant knowledge for this program.
  • APPLICATION TIME: No deadlines. We recommend sending the application as early as possible, at least 8-10 weeks before the program start date. Short-notice registration is possible upon special request.
  • HEALTH INSURANCE: Participant must show proof of healt insurance coverage for Chile.


  • WORK & STUDY - Chile: USD 795
  • WORK & STUDY + Spanish Course: USD 1165

Life Changing Experiences

"As a student at this school I have been very satisfied with everything. I have felt that my Spanish has developed so much in such a short time. My teachers have been fantastic!!! Group classes combined with individual classes are ideal and make a difference. The school atmosphere is wonderful and everyone is so helpful here, all of which make attending classes a real pleasure. Thank you!"
Kathy L.
German, 29 years old
"This is the second time I come to Argentina and I love it! The School’s facilities are very good, we have internet access and a lot of things. The best things about these courses is that teachers and staff help you make of this a wonderful experience. Come and see it for yourself!"
Alice R.
Brazilian, 22 years old
"My experience in Buenos Aires was great. The teachers are well trained for each level. I liked the activities that the school offered. During my 4 weeks studying Spanish I received a lot of amazing touristic spots info and another info to get advantage of my stay in the country."
Ricardo C.
Brazilian, 18 years old
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