Children Disabilities Volunteer, Antigua, Guatemala

You are the one who can assure these children to have the chance to grow up safe and healthy.

On this project you’ll be able to work at a governmental organization that takes care of children with special educational needs and light, mild and moderate, motor and mental disabilities. They assist the children and their families that don’t have the means to get help by a private institution. It’s a hard thing to deal with the disabilities of a member of the family. So they provide support to the families as well.
The regular education system is not prepare to meet the needs of children with disabilities so, organizations like this one are essential fill in that gap. The organization provides care, medical assistance, emotional support, workshops and different kinds of therapy to encourage children to develop their skills and to become self sufficient individuals.
They develop and execute actions and programs of rehabilitation to make sure that those children integrate to school and to society. At the center they are received by professionals that spend their time with the patients addressing their problems and the families concerns. The professionals provide special education, speech therapy, psychotherapy, physical therapy and take care of hearing problems.

Join this project and make the difference!


Once the physical part is taken care of, they make sure that the children are properly stimulated to grow and to improve their capabilities through cultural activities, social gatherings, recreational games and art projects. You’ll be able to work with the professionals on these workshops and to propose new ones that you think may be exciting for the children.
The center has little resources and will appreciate any kind of applicable donations such as school supplies, special education literature, tests, clothes, shoes, food, vitamins, personal cleaning products and so on. The thing they will be most grateful to receive from you is your commitment and dedication to the project and the love and affection that you’ll give to the children. They need volunteers like you to donate their time and energy to make these kids happier and to help them rehabilitate them to reintegrate society.
You’ll be in direct contact with children so if you love children this is the perfect project to get involved with on your volunteer experience. You’ll also be in touch with their families that will show their appreciation to you as much as the professionals that will teach you everything they know and guide you every step of the way. Are you already thinking of fun activities to share with the children? You’re a perfect fit for this project!
This volunteer project is not available from November to January. 


Families & Homestays

Our families know, due to their experience, what it means to be a real host. They have received many students from different nationalities, occupations and ages. We will take into consideration your likes and preferences. Living with a local family is the best way to learn their customs, likes, and style while you learn a new language.

Residences & Hostels

If you want to live with several local and foreign students, you can choose to stay in a private or shared room in any of the students' residencies we offer you. Sharing a place with young people from all over the world is a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and make new friends as well as learning about the place in which you are studying.


Usual Volunteer Tasks

  • Over 18 years old
  •  High school degree
  •  Health insurance, accident and liability
  •  Commitment to the Host Organization,its rules and tasks
  •  Have skills to work with people with disabilities
  •  To be creative and have an affinitty with disabled people
  •  To be motivated, patient, resourcefuland willing to join in a wide range of activities
  •  To be a committed and responsible person willing to help
  •  To have skills to organize recreation events
  •  Enthusiastic spirit and lots of energy
  •  Students or health professionals are welcomed to help
  •  n intermediate Spanish level is recommended
  •  Fulfill with all legal and formal requirements for your Volunteer*
    *Latin American students applying for Volunteers in Spain must have a valid EU passport.
    • To watch out for physical and mental health of the disabled
    •  To assist on rehabilitation activities
    •  To work on maintenance activities
    •  To get involved with the disabled
    •  To spend time with them making them happier
    •  Preparation of recreational and sports activities
    •  Assisting the staff and other volunteers on routine duties

    The tasks named above will be arranged with every volunteer according to each one’s skills and special abilities.

Project Hightlights

  • Assist children with disabilities on their rehabilitation process
  • Prepare workshops, fun games and activities to entertain and educate the children while stimulating their motor and mental skills
  • Take care of the part of the society that’s neglected of their rights to a good health because of financial problems
  • Learn from experienced professionals that know what these kids need

Daily Routine

Usually volunteers work from 4 to 6 hours per day, from Monday to Friday. You can be asked to work some weekends if needed. You can start your day early in the mourning or work in the afternoon shift. Give a useful hand every time is necessary, it will be really appreciated! And be flexible enough as you won’t have every minute of your work day planned and resources are scarce.
"As a student at this school I have been very satisfied with everything. I have felt that my Spanish has developed so much in such a short time. My teachers have been fantastic!!! Group classes combined with individual classes are ideal and make a difference. The school atmosphere is wonderful and everyone is so helpful here, all of which make attending classes a real pleasure. Thank you!"
Kathy L.
German, 29 years old
"This is the second time I come to Argentina and I love it! The School’s facilities are very good, we have internet access and a lot of things. The best things about these courses is that teachers and staff help you make of this a wonderful experience. Come and see it for yourself!"
Alice R.
Brazilian, 22 years old
"My experience in Buenos Aires was great. The teachers are well trained for each level. I liked the activities that the school offered. During my 4 weeks studying Spanish I received a lot of amazing touristic spots info and another info to get advantage of my stay in the country."
Ricardo C.
Brazilian, 18 years old
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