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Bogotá is the capital of the country, located in central Colombia, in the natural region known as “the savannah of Bogota.” It is as diverse as the entire country, and the most important cultural center of Colombia, with hundreds of places to visit and activities to do.

Most Popular Spanish Courses


The Intensive course aims at developing your communicative competences in the four main skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. The lessons provide you contextualized grammar and expose you to the local culture. Teachers will assign you out of-class exercises to reinforce the content of the lessons. Lessons per week: 25 group lessons per week. Minimun Duration: 1 week. Spanish Level: Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.

Super Intensive

The Super Intensive course is meant to help you deepen your learning experience and to accomplish a higher level of proficiency of the Spanish language in a shorter time. You will improve your learning experience following the regular syllabus and with more lessons per week you will be able to work on your weak points and other topics of interest. You will embrace all areas of language on this program: reading, writing, speaking, listening and contextualized grammar. Lessons per week: 37 group lessons per week Minimun Duration: 1 week. Spanish Level: Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.


The Private course is designed considering your individual needs and expectations. During the course, you will be exposed to a wide variety of topics according to your interests. It is tailor-made to your own personal needs. It is perfect if you do not have much time to study and want to focus on a specific area. Lessons per week: 10 private lessons / per week. Minimun Duration: 1 week. Spanish Level: Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.

Your Home Abroad

Private Apartments

A Private Apartment is the best choice to enjoy your privacy and comfort of your own place.

City Highlights

National Museum

To go to this museum is to travel through the history of Colombia. In the old Panóptico (once a prison), now archaeological, ethnographic, artistic, historical, and modern pieces are stored. The museum has a permanent collection and several temporary and traveling collections.

Park Festivals

Park Festivals are cultural events held throughout the year. There are six musical festivals with different musical trends and cultures – rock, hip- hop, jazz, opera, salsa, and Colombian music – all of which draw thousands of spectators.

National Library

America's oldest national library. Founded in 1777, it houses in its universal collection 48 incunabula (earliest printed books), about 30 thousand books published before 1800, many rare and unusual books, the first print newspaper in Colombia, and even more cultural gems.

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