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Choose one of the four accommodation options

Private Apartments
For more independence, we recommend staying in one of our shared student apartments. Cooking and cleaning are up to you, and you have more flexibility to shape your stay how you want it to be. Our apartments are a great way to discover what life is like for locals and instantly become part of the community. You will be shopping at local grocery stores, getting to know neighbors, and discovering your favorite parks and restaurants.
Residences & Hostels
Our student residences give you the opportunity to live as a student, choose from a variety of meal options, and be located near our language schools. It is a great option because you are sure to connect with other like-minded students who share your same passion for learning Spanish. Practice Spanish with your classmates and discover a whole world of possibilities.
Families & Homestays
Immerse yourself in Spanish, where you can continue practicing it after class and get to know Spanish customs firsthand. Staying with a family is a very useful way to increase your fluency when communicating and a unique way of understanding the Spanish and Latin American ways of life.