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Playa Colorada


Playa Colorada

Playa Colorada literally means 'coloured beach' owing to the lovely variety of colours to be enjoyed here as the sun sets. It is a famous for its beaches whose palm fringed sands are photographed in many guide books. It boasts perfect temperatures year round, and has crystal clear, warm Caribbean waters.
It is part of the Mochima National Parks, and directly offshore are 32 beautiful Caribbean islands to explore. It is also the staging post for trips deep into the jungle of Orinoco Delta with its amazing wildlife. Explore the islands just offshore and be awed by the dolphins and whales on the way.

Part of the Mochima National Park.
Friendly and open people.
Perfect beaches with golden sand.
Perfect to practice water sports.
We are on the main cost road running east from Puerto La Cruz to Cumana . Lots of public buses passing by .
The best of the city 

Mochima National Park: expedition to the offshore islands where you'll encounter dolphins, snorkel on spectacular reefs, enjoy beach games like volleyball and try fishing to catch dinner. There are some great hikes to the top of the islands for spectacular views of the park and the chance to try sport-climbing or rappelling.

Caripe: Just a few hours drive away is the 'Eden of the East', the lush and mountainous Caripe region famous for its coffee plantations and farming culture. Exploration of the Guachero cave and it's inhabitants. Visits to coffee plantations, fruit and vegetable farms and local markets. Mountain trekking, horseriding and camping are a must!

Orinoco Delta Travelling and living as the Waraos have done for over 20,000 years, exploring the waterways, jungles and sabanas and being amongst an amazing abundance of wildlife and flora.

Playa Blanca: the park's most famous and a beautiful beach with white sand, turquoise water beach and marvelous coral reefs. It offer many services and easy access to the town of Mochima.

Santa Fe: bustling fishing village, Santa Fee, 7 kilometers away, and a 30 minute bus ride will bring you to Puerto La Cruz. This is a city of 200,000 with all the facilities and entertainment you might need.

La Piscina: This is a beautiful area with crystal-clear water, an abundance of coral and a spectacular variety of tropical fish, where you have the chance to snorkel and explore the reef .



Playa Colorada boasts perfect temperatures year round since they range between 22 and 28 °C. Coastal climate has high temperatures and constant winds from November until May, while it is a bit cooler with more humidity from June to October.