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Known as "La Ciudad de los Caballeros" ("The City of Gentlemen"), the city is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Venezuela. With a vibrant metropolitan area that reaches the 350,000 habitants, Mérida is home of the prestigious Universidad de los Andes (ULA), and it hosts the world’s highest and second largest cable car, the Teleférico de Mérida, rising to 4,765 meters (15,633 ft) across 12.5 km in four stages.
Mérida is located on a plateau formation in the valley of the Chama river, which crosses the full length of the city. The city is at an altitude of 1,630 m above the sea level, and has as a background, in the horizon, the highest venezuelan summit: the Bolivar Peak.

University city, suitable for those with student budget.
Friendly and open people.
Late nightlife culture and young spirit.
Natural landscapes in and around the city.
The bus terminal in Merida is 3 km south-west of the city center and is linked by frequent public transport.The great location of the school allows you to walk to the main city landmarks and attractions.
The best of the city 

Cable Car: It is one of the main touristic spots. In its trajectory, it ascends from the central quarter to the Sierra Nevada, rising to 4,765 meters (15,633 ft) across 12.5 km in four stages.

Colonial Part of Town: Merida is a city with history, so the colonial architecture set as it is to the backdrop of the Andes mountains is quite beautiful. The cathedral and Plaza Bolivar are easy to appreciate on foot. There is also a pedestrian bridge over the expressway that leads to an open market for handicrafts made in the area.

Parque Chorros de Milla: It is one of the places most visited in all of the area by tourists due to the beautiful landscaping and green spaces. Trees abound in this natural park and the Río Milla has a natural waterfalls that drops about 15 meters.

Night Life: This is both a college town and a popular backpacker and adventure-tourism destination, so you'll find a relatively active nightlife in Merida. In general, the bars get going around 9pm and shut down around midnight to 2am. Discos get cranking around 10pm and close their doors between 3 and 4am.

Outdoor tours and adventures: For the lovers of outdoor tours and adventures , Merida has them all! Tandem paragliding; bird watching; mountain bike riding; white water rafting; kayaking; cannoning; rock climbing; bridge jumping…. All ages, abilities, interests, budgets, and experience are welcome to enjoy Meridia and its surroundings. 

Parks, squares and sightseeings: Mérida is famous for its great number of parks and squares,with at least,a dozen squares and two dozen parks, such as Boulevard de los Pintores (Painters' Boulevard), Aquarium Garden,Beethoven Park, Mérida Botanical Garden, Paseo de la Feria and Parque Metropolitano Albarregas.



Despite the imposing snow-capped peaks that surround it, Mérida enjoys a mild, springlike climate year-round. Days are generally warm, although you'll probably need a light sweater or jacket at night. May through November is the rainy season, with August and September being the wettest months.