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Montevideo lies on the northern shore of the Rio de la Plata Estuary. It is the capital of Uruguay, and the largest city in the country. It's also known as the economic, administrative, and cultural centre of the country and for the high levels of education and lifestyle.
It stands out from other cities for the cosmopolitan style that permeates the city in the middle of a relaxed atmosphere. Art performances, ranging from music, dance, and theatre are continually updated and renewed. A wide variety of pubs, restaurants and bars are spread around the main square, and discos are set, mostly, in the outskirts.
The city has industries producing textiles, dairy items, wines, and packaged meats; there are oil refineries and railway factories. Tourism is also important. Come, get to know this sophisticated country with "murga" soul and fall in love with it!

One of the most beautiful Latin American capitals.
It hosts the country's 2 most important universities.
It has 14 miles of public coastline, including nine beaches.
About half of Uruguay's population lives in this city.
Local public transport is mainly by metered taxi and bus which are reasonably priced and run to all major destinations very frequently.
The best of the city 

Plaza Independencia: Line of demarcation between the Ciudad Vieja (Old City) and the newer sections of the capital. It contains a much photographed marble statue of notable South American military leader General José Gervasio Artigas and the city's (and country's) tallest building.

Port market: Open afternoons and weekends, it offers guests a wide array of shops and eateries. Sample authentic Uruguayan foods such as barbecued meats, seafood dishes and empanadas. Produce vendors and craft sellers also line the way as do street musicians on weekends.

Murga Show: Uruguayan style of theater that is performed during Carnaval. It is an impressive display of music, comedy and musical skills. The performers consist of a large group of singers that composed original music, and there are short scenes sprinkled throughout. They only use drums for their music son singers need to rely only on each other and themselves to maintain the proper pitch.

Ciudad vieja: plenty of Old World charm, including a blend of Spanish, Italian and Art Deco architecture. Much of this is evidenced in the Old City that centers around Plaza Independencia.
- Rambla: It makes for an enjoyable stroll and provides visitors with a chance to catch the energy of this seaside city. It has white sand beaches running the length of it and reaches from the Ciudad Vieja and port market area to the trendy Carrasco neighborhood.

Beaches: Beautiful, white sandy beaches surround the capital city, making Montevideo the desired destination of those looking to find a quiet spot, order a frosty drink and relax with a good book.

Bay of Montevideo: It is always nice to spend a sunny day on a boat on this beautiful day. Here people can take short trips on board to discover the magic of Montevideo's landscape or enjoy a sailing trip to another beautiful cities in Uruguay.



Montevideo enjoys a mild humid subtropical climate and it borders on an oceanic climate. The city has cool winters, warm summers and volatile springs; there are numerous thunderstorms but no tropical cyclones. Summer runs from December to March, followed by autumn in April and May; winter lasts from June to September, and spring is in October and November.[37] Rainfall is regular and evenly spread throughout the year, reaching around a 800 millimetres (31 in).