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Transfer Service

COINED provides airport transfer service to meet students at the airport and transfer them to their accommodation. We can meet students at the domestic or international airports.

Students must always inform COINED about the date and time of  arrival, even in cases where the transfer service has not been requested. Airport pick-up only transfers students from the designated airport to the designated accommodation.
- Flight details (date, time, airport, airline, and flight number) must be confirmed in writing before arrival; otherwise COINED shall not guarantee the transfer service and no refunds shall be given for this service.
- All costs incurred due to failure to notify COINED of arrival information in due time are the participant's responsibility.
- In case of flights delays, changes, and so on, COINED will provide the transfer service but will reserve the right to charge additional costs, if necessary.
- If any changes regarding flight details are not duly informed, COINED shall not take responsibility for the proper provision of the transfer service.


For more information regarding our transfer service please contact us. We will be happy to assist you!.