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Study Routes through Latin America

Study Routes allow you to combine the learning of Spanish language, in all its varieties, while discovering and enjoying the beauty of the most important cities in Latin America. Under this programme you will improve the main communication skills: speaking, writing, reading and listening, on diverse social and cultural contexts. Through Study Routes you'll experience the real Latin America!

For more information find the Study Routes below. Click on each picture to unwrap specific information on each destination.

Study Spanish and tour around the Andean Route Andean Route
The majesty of the Andes at your fingertips!

Spend 3 weeks in the most attractive Andean cities!
Learn Spanish and Tour The Mayan Route Mayan Route
Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica are waiting with all their magic for you to live an unforgettable experience!
Del Plata Route
Enjoy 5 unforgettable weeks in Argentina's most picturesque cities. Let their beauty and culture amaze you!
Learning Spanish and Exploring South America Southern  Route
Chile, Argentina and Uruguay open their gates and welcome you to learn Spanish and explore the wonders of these cultures.