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Students Exchange Programmes

The programmes "Student exchange" and "Exchange in the secondary level" enables participants to spend three, five or ten months in Argentina, going to school and living with a host family.

These programmes are directed at students that are between fourteen and eighteen years old. It is important for participants to be open to live in a new culture, learn a new language and experience another way of life.


  • You have the opportunity to experience a new culture and a new lifestyle
  • You learn more about the country during organized tours
  • You make new friends from all over the world
  • You will acquire experience for the future and have your first working experiences
  • You broaden your horizon and learn new abilities
  • You gain self-confidence, independence and personal development

Who can apply?

Students that:

  • Are between fourteen and eighteen years old
  • Are not yet graduated
  • Have basic knowledge of the Spanish language and like to improve their level
  • Do not have previous Spanish knowledge, but would like to learn this language
  • Are ready to go to a new school, live in a new family and learn about a new country
  • Have had good results at school during the past two years
  • Are looking for new experiences
  • Are flexible, friendly, responsable, honest and open-minded
  • Would like to be part of a new family and participate in the activities

Host families

Our families are spread all over Argentina: from Jujuy to Tierra del Fuego. The most popular regions for students are: Jujuy, Salta, Tucumán, Mendoza, Córdoba, Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Ríos Entre and Tierra del Fuego.

Participants can either live in villages, small towns or huge cities like Buenos Aires. They will not only experience a new culture and language, but also learn about a new place, a different landscape and climate.

Host families in the programme "Exchange in the secondary level"

It is very important that host families are appropriate and responsible. COINED has many years of experience refining the selection process to choose only the most suitable host families and a lot of time is devoted to this process. Selected host families must be willing to share their culture, language and daily life with the students. 

Host families are also assigned with a COINED tutor, to assist them with any situations that may arise and provide advice when needed, to ensure the exchange experience is positive for both the student as well as for the family.

The Argentinian family

The typical family in Argentina is composed by a father, a mother and two or three children. Also, the same house can be shared by an aunt or uncle, maybe grandparents also. With the programme "Exchange in the secondary level", participants get in touch with all family members.

The relationship between the family members is tender: giving kisses and hugs is more than common.

Host families are pleased of taking you to new places or involving you in the families' activities. They help you to get used to the new culture and they let you participate in family affairs.



Educational trips

Optional Trips for your Spanish Program

Through COINED´s trips, High School Exchange students / Juniors students have the opportunity to visit and learn more about Argentina.

Twice a year ( May and November), COINED organizes trips to the North and South regions of Argentina.

In these trips, the students have the opportunity to observe the local culture and enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

In May, students set off to the North of Argentina. They are amused by the colourful “Cerro de los siete colores” in Purmamarca and the partially re-constructed Inca ruins in Tilcara. Also, students get to enjoy the Calchaquíes Valleys and the stunning Iguazú falls.

In November (spring time), students head off to the South of Argentina. There, they can visit the lovely cities in Patagonia, sail to have the chance to see whales from a close distance, see penguins in their natural environment, go to the lakes and visit the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier.

Both trips last about 12 days each and the price includes the pick up services, meals, accommodation, excursions and 24/7 tutoring.

Travel with us!

Clicking each year, we invite you to enjoy our last trips in Argentina!

Dates and destinations visited on every trip

Exchange Students in a Trip to Argentinian North

T R I P   T O  A R G E N T I N E A N   N O R T H

- Quebrada de los Sosa: 

- Tafí del Valle:

- Cafayate: 

- Valles Calchaquíes:
- Salta City: 

- Quebrada de Humahuaca
- Jujuy City:
- Purmamarca - Cerro de 7 Colores

- Cataratas del Iguazú:
Ruinas de San Ignacio Miní: 
Minas de Wanda:

T R I P   T O  A R G E N T I N E A N    P A T A G O N I A   

- Puerto Madryn city:
- Península Valdés - Puerto Pirámides: 
- Esquel city:
- Los Alerces National Park

- Calafate City:
- Los Glaciares National Park:

- San Carlos de Bariloche City:
- Circuito Chico:

Please contact us for prices and exact dates of group outings.

From COINED we make a comprehensive and integral monitoring of the Exchange Program that is based on giving support and assistance to the involved parties: the student, the family, and the school. In order to achieve this aim, COINED has a tutor team that is 24/7 at their disposal to assist them in their needs and to make sure that everyone involved in this exchange is having an excellent experience. This tutoring is either carried out by regular phone calls, by e-mail, chats, or by visiting the students and their families. Schools provide tutors with a report of the students academic performance once every two months.
If families want to take in exchange participants into their homes, they must also meet some requisites such as having an interview with the tutors and being evaluated if they are suitable for this program.