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The Immersion course gives you the possibility of learning a language with a deep insight into the culture. You will develop the main skills of communication: speaking, writing, reading and listening, and the use of language in context and social appropriateness. The daily extra-curricular activities will help you become completely immersed into the culture, thus enhancing the acquisition process.

To raise awareness and develop intercultural skills (ability to relate, the ability to overcome stereotyped relationships, etc.). Help participants to develop a richer, more complex and open to future learning experiences personality. We focus on the "diversity" as a source of personal enrichment that enhances the enjoyment of everyday life in another country.
Course Features
Number of students per class 
Small Groups: from 3 to 9 students, depending on the location in Latin América and from 5 to 12 students, depending on the location in Spain.
Lessons per week 
This course includes 20 Spanish Group lessons plus 5 Spanish Private lessons or 4 Group Cultural lessons per week, depending on the location(*).
Lesson Length 
1 Lesson = 45 to 55 minutes, depending on location.
Minimum Age 
16 years old for all regular courses in Argentina,Chile and Guatemala; 18 years old, the rest of the destinations.
Mininum Duration 
1 week.
Available for Basic, Intermediate & Advanced levels.


Price includes 
Spanish level test
Spanish course
Welcome package
Support and Advice
Weekly Tours and Recreational activities calendar
End of course exam
Course certificate
24/7 Emergency Phone
Telephone and fax machine access (Low cost)
Internet access (Free or low cost)
COINED Tutorship
Coffee, tea, milk, spring-refrigerated water available.
Example of Time Schedule 
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 group lessons Warm up session / Reading comprehension / Grammar context / Transition: game and vocabulary exercises Warm up session: homework correction / Games / Grammar in context / Excercises / Reading comprehension / Language activity Warm up session: homework correction / Reading and comprehension exercises / Transition: role play /  Grammar in context Warm up session: homework /  Reading and comprehension exercises / Transition: role play /  Grammar in context Weekly Test (20 minutes) / review: grammar topics of the week / Activity: movie
Coffee Break
2 group lessons Speaking game / Audio comprehension / Writing / Closing session: grammar in context / task assignment: exercised skills / Homework Grammar in context / Exercises / Card games / Reading comprehension / Group activity / Outdoor class / Homework Audio comprehension exercises / Grammar in context / Speaking exercises / Laboratory: writing / Homework Reading comprehension / Activity: audio comprehension with video / Close session: grammar in context / Homework Speaking activity: discussion of the movie / Writing exercise / Homework
Lunch Time
Private  or group lessons (*) Complementary Spanish lessons.* Complementary Spanish lessons.* Complementary Spanish lessons.* Complementary Spanish lessons.* Complementary Spanish lessons.*
* The content of the complementary group of Spanish lessons are planned according to the needs and concerns raised by students. These lessons typically focus on the strengthening of communication tools that have the students and in encouraging them from the development of skills and abilities that allow the inclusion of communication in a context of cultural immersion. These activities may take place within or outside the school.