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The most populated island of the Canary Islands has many attractions that make it one of the most touristic places in the country. On the one hand, due  its tropical climate you'll enjoy pleasant temperatures all year round. Its beaches are among the most popular in the country. On the other hand you will find one of the most visited parks in Europe (declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO), which houses the highest peak in Spain and one of Europe's most impressive volcanoes: “El Teide”. The island's capital, Santa Cruz will offer a range of culture and leisure without limits, but also one of the world's largest carnivals. The friendly and open character of canaries will make you instantly fall in love with them. You cannot miss the opportunity to know the capital of the Spanish archipelago.

Enjoy the zone with the best tropical climate of Spain.
Get to know one of Europe's most impressive volcanoes.
The inhabitants are known for being open-minded and hospitable.
A beautiful, varied and unique landscape.
Tenerife has bus lines, trams, ferries and an international airport.
The best of the city 

Teide natural park: This park is Mount Teide, one of the largest volcanoes in the world from its base. It is the highest peak of the Canary Islands and Spain, and is the most visited National Park in Spain and Europe. Do not miss the unique landscapes that the park has to offer.

Carnival: The carnival of Tenerife is from the largest in the world. If you have the opportunity to see it, you can not miss the chance to attend the most important festivity in the Canaries.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Santa Cruz has a fascinating history and an economy based on services, trade is very important throughout the city. Its beaches, squares and landmark buildings have no waste.

Beaches: Coastal tourism finds in Tenerife its  paradise. Beautiful beaches and a tropical climate await your visit.

Nightlife: Tenerife has a vibrant nightlife all year round. The open-air bars and pubs of salsa are their forte. In Puerto de la Cruz in the north and Playa de las Americas you'll find dance clubs all night.

Water sports: Tenerife is an ideal place for water sports.



Tenerife's climate is moderate, mild and very soft during all seasons, we could speak of an eternal spring, which accentuates its touristic attraction.