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San Sebastian


San Sebastian

Donostia-San Sebastian entered the list of the 1000 places you must visit before you die. It is also among the top 5 cities for the summer. In addition, San Sebastian will become the European capital of culture 2016. All this, however, falls short. The Basque city has a special charm that captivates all its visitors. La Concha Bay with its range of surf and relaxation offers is a  beautiful scenery just minutes from downtown. Not to forget either its rich cuisine, famous worldwide. There's nothing like taste the best pinchos in Spain by the old quarter of San Sebastian, which in itself has great appeal for its many shops and restaurants. The cultural offer in San Sebastian is endless, for example one of the most important cinema festivals takes place there, festivals of all kinds await your assistance. In the small coastal towns next to the city will get you to know the real Basque culture. You'll be able hear the oldest European language (Euskera) and unique traditions and people in which you'll instantly fall in love.

San Sebastian has a wide range of cultural offerts.
You'll hear the oldest European language (Euskera) and get to know the culture of the Basques.
Get to know one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain.
You'll be able to taste the Basque cuisine in the best restaurants in the country.
San Sebastian has a small airport and train station. It is also connected by a bus network that will take you anywhere in a few minutes. There is always the possibility of taking a taxi.
The best of the city 

The Bay of la Concha: La Concha beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country.You can take long walks and enjoy the views of the Cantabrian Sea, a unique landscape alongside the typical railings of the city.  You will feel the charm and elegance of the city.

Gastronomy: You'll be in the city  with more Michelin stars per square meter in the world. Along with Paris, it is the only city with three restaurants with 3 stars (the highest score). Apart from the exquisite restaurants the pincho bars, are very popular, too. Small works of culinary art await. It also has the third best restaurant in the world. All in all, San Sebastian has a cuisine that no one should miss.

Take a walk through the city: If you take a stroll through the old quarter, you realize that you haven't got enough eyes to admire the beautiful architecture that you´ll be provided. The old bullring is a special attraction, but the port and the romantic area, where you will be transported to the belle epoque of Donostia are very charming too.

Cultural offer: The San Sebastian film festival is one of the highest caliber, the most important of all Spanish speaking countries as well as one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe.You can also witness the Jazz Festival, classical music events, drama and fantasy and horror film festival and a famous fireworks competition.

“El peine del Viento”: The most famous work of the sculptor Chillida is at the end of the bay. There are three steel sculptures in which waves break. They have also been added exits for wind and water to produce a unique show where art and landscape form a union of harmony and beauty.

Miramar palace: It is one of the most important monuments of San Sebastian, a symbol of the city for its gardens, views, and spacious interiors, a palace which was built in the late nineteenth century by the Spanish Royal Family, and is located in a privileged place from where to admire the bay.



San Sebastian, which has an oceanic climate, is characterized by being a city with lots of rain. Temperatures are mild (average 15 ° C), although in summer and winter that the sensation of cold and heat intensifies because of the humidity.