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Salamanca is the university city par excellence, with the oldest active university in Spain and one of the oldest in Europe. Salamanca is not only a destination for a lot of spaniards who choose to pursue his career there, but it is one of the cities where the teaching of Spanish has more quality. This is due to the close relationship the city has with the Spanish language and literature. Nebrija who was the first to write Spanish grammar was a student at Salamanca, among many others personalities Miguel de Unamuno which should be noted, as well. Salamanca was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, European Capital of Culture 2002 and Ibero-American summit in 2005. The Spanish city offers a variety of cultural activities such as drama, music, films and exhibitions, and a very active nightlife. Take a stroll through Salamanca and encounter many historical buildings. Do not miss the facade of the university with carved skulls, "la Casa de las Conchas", the old and the new cathedral (with a characteristic astronaut carving) or the "plaza mayor".

Salamanca is known for being one of the best places in Spain for studying spanish.
The young student atmosphere will offer you the possibility to have fun like never before.
You will be received in a beautiful historic center that was declared world heritage site by UNESCO.
The spanish in Castilla y León is considered one of the purest of the peninsula.
Salamanca has a small airport, as well as a railway and bus system.
The best of the city 

Historic centre: The historic center of Salamanca was delcared World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Numerous architectural Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque buildings will transport you to another time.

University: Salamanca is famous for its university, the oldest in Spain. Students come from all regions and all countries of Europe. The university itself is a spectacular building that you cannot miss.

Night life: Salamanca is the perfect place for those who worship nightlife. From midnight until dawn, Salamanca is a paradise for partying. You can start by going to a tapas bar, for example in the Gran Via, where many young students can be found.

“Mayor” Square": The Plaza Mayor is an urban space built as Spanish square that with time has become the center of social life in the city of Salamanca.It is the heart of the city and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful squares in Spain

Aldehuela park: Area where you can practice outdoor sports near the banks of the River Tormes. Fitted with a circuit for walking or cycling.It also has tennis courts, soccer fields, basketball, ping pong, gables, a soccer field, beach volleyball, rugby, swimming ... even remote control cars circuit.

Calixto and Melibea orchard: The garden where the lovers came together through Celestina and hid his affairs and misfortunes, could well be that it is situated on the ancient walls of Salamanca. Just after crossing the arched entrance, the garden takes you back to medieval times. The mixture of romance, love, nature, away from the daily transit meet and make beautiful sunsets from the garden of Calisto and Melibea orchard an unforgettable place.



It is a continental Mediterranean climate with dry summers and cold winters. Rainfall is common and snow may fall on winter.