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Ibiza or Eivissa is a small island (the island is only 45 km long and 25 wide) so you can see almost everything in one day. Famous for its lively nightlife, shops and beautiful beaches, but the island hides much more. Ibiza was delcare World Heritage Site for its natural diversity and culture that together make this island a tourist paradise. People are friendly and open, the premises and the weather contribute to enjoy an ideal climate. The so-called "white island" by the color of its houses became world famous in the 60's, thanks to the hippies. Today there are still some colonies of this movement on the island. Ibiza town is nestled at the foot of a hill, on top of the hill, is situated the old town or Dalt Vila, as they call it. The most attractive of the city are the bars you have, terraces, shops and relaxed atmosphere. Ibiza is an open-minded and tolerant that you won't find anywhere else.

The city with one of the most active night lifes in Europe.
White and transparent beaches.
Relaxed and youthful atmosphere.
Hippie culture.
Ibiza has a bus service and airport.
The best of the city 

Nightlife: If Ibiza is famous for anything, it is for its nightlife. The tiny island has 40 clubs, which considering its size are a lot.

Beaches: The white beaches of Ibiza and its relaxed atmosphere are the best place to enjoy the good weather.

Dalt Vila: The medieval area of Dalt Vila was fortified by Felipe II to protect the city from attacks by the Ottomans and pirates, as the triple defensive enclosure, of Arab origin, was not enough. The landscape that it gives the city is unique.

Natural Park of "Ses Salines": The territory covered by this natural park is about 2838 hectares. It Includes a representation of almost all ecosystems found on the island of Ibiza with special mention of the Flemings, who live there all year.

Adlib: Adlib fashion is linked to the island of Ibiza, what is also known as "Ibiza style". It is characterized by a mixture of regional costumes of the Pitusas islands with the hippie aesthetics.

Water Sports: The warm water temperature is ideal for all types of water sports like water skiing, sailing and windsurfing. In the”chiringuitos” you'll be able rent the necessary equipment.



Ibiza's climate is typically Mediterranean, with warm average temperatures and with some irregular rainfalls in summer.