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Cadiz is considered the oldest city in the western world. It is also said that Columbus set out on various trips from this city. In Cadiz, history and modernity go hand in hand. Do not miss one of the nation's largest carnival, a festival that is definitely worth seeing. Cadiz has an atmosphere of relax and tranquility where you can forget all concerns while at the same time experience the lively and cheerful Andalusia that flees from routines. Famous for its good seafood, Cadiz also offers good gastronomy. You'll fall in love with the cafes and the most hidden corners of the old town as much as  the beautiful beaches where tourists from all over Europe enjoy the sun, the streets, the active nightlife and the cultural variety on display. Cadiz has all the charm of a small town, but all the appeal of the largest ones.

Enjoy heavenly beaches.
Experience the most authentic flamenco.
City of good fish and seafood.
Open and friendly people.
Cadiz has railway station and bus routes. The nearest airport is in Jerez 35 km away.
The best of the city 

Carnaval: Attend one of the most important carnivals of Spain! The colors, the laughter, the music ... There is no reason to miss this event.

Cathedral: The chair of Santa Cruz is known for its yellow dome, typical of Muslim art. It is located in Cathedral Square and is visible from almost anywhere in the city. Not to miss!

Playas: Cadiz's beaches are famous for their beauty and tranquility. Tourists from around the country chose the Andalusian town for a holiday at the seaside.

Camera obscura: From the Torre Tavira you'll enjoy the best views of Cadiz. It has as well a pioneer atrattction in Spain: the camera obscura.

Flamenco:  Flamenco was declared intangible heritage of humanity and is a typical Andalusian art. There is no better place to get to know the most famous dancing and singing of the country than Cadiz.

Gastronomy: The highlights of Cádiz cuisine are tapas, seafood such as fried fish and seafood like lobster, the clams, knives, sea snails, lobster, cockles, shrimp, crab, shrimp and prawns.



Cadiz has a Mediterranean climate that is one of the main attractions. It is among the hottest cities in the country.