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Basic Description

If we had to describe Spain in one word, that word would have to be "diversity", just to make sure we are not leaving anything out. This country and its strategic location offers from high wet mountains to dry desserts and sandy beaches. The sun is the lead actor of this great scene. Geographically, Spain's diversity is immense. And we haven't even started on the customs and traditions! Its various regions are all different one to each other, geographically, climatically and even in personality. It is a fascinating country to know and to know more about it. Spain is a country very rich in terms of culture and history. For that reason it is easy to understand that it is the country with the second-largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the largest number of World Heritage Cities. Every year many world-famous traditional festivities take place all over the country inviting you to get a taste of the real Spain. With its food and its ancient customs, it won't take long before you start feeling like one more of the crowd.

Spanish people are known for their relaxed lifestyle, fun nightlife and their welcoming attitude towards tourists. Its food is something you'll take with you, but most of all the way they enjoy the meal moments. Their music is strong and with lots of personality: from the drama of flamenco to the melancholic spirit of the Celtic music and the bagpipes of the northwest.

Spain has been the home of some of the world's great artists such as El Greco, Velázquez, Goya, Dalí and Picasso to name a few and it has museums and galleries to match. On top of that many cities display amazing architecture: from really old monuments to futuristic architecture, going through Roman aqueducts, Islamic palaces, Gothic cathedrals and medieval castles.

The Spanish spirit is something to be felt not told. So pack your bags and come to explore this amazing country!

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
The geographic, cultural and climate diversity reflects in the local cuisine. Though sea food is the food landmark all over, you can find a delicious typical bite in each corner of the country: from the sea food at south to the northern ham going through the stews in the center you'll love everything you try!
Music & Dance 
Classical guitars and flamenco to the south, bagpipes and celtic dances to the north, you'll have a great time anywhere. If there's something Spaniards know how to do is how to have a good time no matter which regional influence.
Plastic Arts 
Due to historical, geographical and generational diversity, Spanish art has known a great number of influences such as the Moorish heritage and the European influences including Italian, German and French. Spanish modern artists have changed the way we perceive art: Picasso, Dalí and Miró are clear examples.
Spain has been active in the cinema area since the creation of it. Many directors come to mind. The classical Luis Buñuel, the extravagant and bit dramatic Pedro Almodovar, the misterious Alejandro Amenabar and the hilariously ironic Santiago Segura. Watch a film before coming just to start tunning up!
Science and technology 
It is known world-wide the amount and quality of this country's universities. Some of them very famous such as the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Barcelona. These have high positions in international rankings and allows them to place themselves as a center for research about different subjects.
Of course soccer is the most famous Spanish sport. The Spanish league is considered to be one of the world's best competitions. However, the Spanish stand out in several other sports such as basketball, tennis, handball, motorsports, golf and skiing just to name a few.
Spare time 
In Spain is not that much what they do but who do they do it with. Spanish are very social and like to spend their free time with people. Whether playing sports with the family or Tapas hopping with friends they know that having fun is a social activity.
Miguel de Cervantes is probably Spain's most famous author and his master piece Don Quijote is considered to be the most emblematic work in the canon of Spanish literature and a founding classic of Western literature. A little bit more contemporary, Antonio Machado is a poet that can be quite easy to read.


The Spanish calendar is filled with festivals, local festivities, sports events and more to enjoy!
There are cities for everyone: from crowded metropolis to small villages.
The people in Spain are Friendly, polite and welcoming.
The food variety will make you go back home with a few pounds extra, but they'll certainly be worth it!
Discover a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere.