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Basic Description

Peru is a beatiful country that borders diferrents nations, on the north with Ecuador and Colombia, on the east with Brazil, on the southeast with Bolivia and Chile to the south. It is characterized by a diversity of landscapes, including valleys, plains, high mountains and the Amazon. It is a country with a high biodiversity and mineral resources. The beauty of Peru´s tropical beaches is such that it has no reason to envy to the Caribbean. Just as varied as its geography is Peru´s diverse cuisine. We also find Peru as the Latin American country with the most archaeological remains, such as Machu Picchu. Peru has an ancient culture and traditions such as popular dances and crafts (highly valued internationally). With part of the Amazon in its domains, Peru is one of the countries with the most diversity of species, making Peru a destination not to be missed. A perfect place to start your adventure!

Cities available

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
Peru has the Guinness Record for the largest variety of dishes (no more and no less than 491), more than two thousand soups and 250 desserts waiting to be tasted. Lima is the Latin American gastronomic capital. The must dishes are “Juane” and “Pachamanca”; you will notice that the food in Peru is not only diverse, but also delicious.
Music & Dance 
The mixture of cultures in Peru has created a variety of dance styles such as Andean, Creole and Amazon music. You can also find Afro-Peruvian dances and zamacueca, very popular between tango lovers. Some Peruvian artists achieved international awards including the Latin Grammys.
Plastic Arts 
Peru is a country with a rich history, which is particularly remarkable the pre-Columbian art. The colonial art and manners that depicts the Peruvian society in their daily lives is also very valued.. Peru is a country with the most archaeological findings, a place where you can breathe art in the streets, and in every corner of the country.
Peruvian film-making has collected several awards throughout its history. Directors like Claudia Llosa with "Madeinusa" or "La teta asustada", Francisco J. Lombardi with "La boca del lobo" or "Caidos del cielo" are remarkable. It also should be mentioned films like "Dias de Santiago", "Doble juego", "La prueba" or "Paloma de papel".
Science and technology 
Peru is a country that throughout history has contributed with great scientists, such as Mariano Eduardo de Rivero and Ustariz (the largest Peruvian scientist of the nineteenth century), Santiago Antunez de Mayolo Gomero, Aurora Chirinos Pizarro, Oswaldo Mendoza Baca and many others fill the list of important scientists.
Soccer (or “fútbol”) is the most popular sport in the world and in Peru is also the most practiced. The Peruvian team has reached the World Cup final four times and has won the Copa America twice. Also highlighted is tennis and volleyball.
Spare time 
Free time is very important for Peruvians. They usually go out with friends for a drink. Also family plays an important role in their everyday life and should not be left aside.
In Peruvian literature is necessary to highlight two names: The first would be Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, famous historian and writer for his work "Comentarios Reales de los Incas", censored by the Spanish crown. The second, the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, also awarded the Cervantes Prize and Prince of Asturias literature.


The Machu Pichu is one of the new seven wonders of the world.
Peru is the second country, after Colombia, with the greatest diversity of birds and third in mammals.
It has the highest concentration of archaeological remains of America.
Their ancient culture traditions will make you discover things you had never imagined before.
Peru has the highest tropical mountain range in the world.