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Students´ social life in Panamá city


Social life

The school organizes a variety of activities that the students can participate in. These include:


Nights at alternative cinemas,
A tour of the old city,
Salsa classes,
Panamanian culture classes,
Bowling nights.


Tour of the Embera Tribe,
Trip to Pedasí beach,
Excursion to Coco Blanco island,
Trip to San Blas.

Photos & Videos

Student´s life in Panama city
Bike ride along the waterfront, Panama
Students at the statue of Dr. Belisario Porras
Students outgoing, Panama
Cultural activity with students in Panama City
Bike ride along the Amador Causeway, Panama City
Costume party in Panama
Hike to Cerro Ancon, Panama
Celebrating Halloween, Panama
Lunch at the Festival of Mil Polleras of Panama
Students outdoor activity, typical dances, Panama
Spanish School in Panama City
Group lessons in Panama City
Students at the break, Panama
Celebration of the Independence Day, Panama
Typical lunch in Panama City
Students in free time, Panama City
Spanish lessons in Panama City
Students lunch in Panama
Students farewell in Panama
Game at spanish classes in Panama
Individual lessons in Panama
Social Activities in Panama city
Visiting the Panama Canal Miraflores Locks, Panama
Students on way to the Embera Tribe, Panama
Students walk around Panama City
Students walk through the old city, Panama
River Activity
Navigating way to the Embera Tribe, Panama
River Activity
Lunch students in Taboga Island, Panama
Students traveling through "Mi Pueblito", Panama
City & Life in Panama city
Festival of the "Mil polleras", Panama
Molas exhibition, Panama
Festival skirts in the streets of the city, Panama
View of the Centennial Bridge, Panama
Old church in the old city, Panama
Night view of the old city, Panama
Facade of the National Institute of Culture, Panama