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Your spanish school in Panamá city



Our school is located in the heart of Panama City, between the Italia street and Avenida Balboa, on the second floor of the Plaza Paitilla, and near the commercial and banking districts of the city. In this area, you will find: movie theatres, shopping malls, casinos, various restaurants, and pizzerias and bars, among other things. The language school is only 400 meters from the Cinta Costera de la Ciudad, a place where you can take beautiful walks and see the old city.


+15 spacious classrooms
Audio and video room
Student's meeting room


First day welcome package
Weekly tours and recreational activities calendar
Free Internet access - WI FI
24/7 Emergency phone
Local tutorship


School Location

The school is located approximately 30 minutes from the International Airport of Tocumen, near the banking and commercial district of Panama, and is easily accessible by public transport.
What I liked most was being able to see “real life” in Panama – The popular places and where the people live. In my next visit, I'd like to stay longer.