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Panama city


Panama city

Panama City is the capital of the republic and the main cultural and economic center of the country. It counts as one of the most competitive in Latin America. Its major sources of income would be the Panama Canal and tourism. The tropical climate, with attractive parks and other attractions make Panama City an attractive destination for foreigners. Do not forget the culture and gastronomy it offers which was named as the American Capital of Culture in 2003. Its center was delcared world heritage by UNESCO and is a neighborhood that one should not miss if you visit this country in Central America.

Visit the world famous canal
Have the experience of visiting the Central American jungle
Calid temperatures the howl year
Beautiful beaches with warm water await
Panama City has the Tocumen International Airport, the largest in the country. Located in the eastern part of the city. For intercity displacement buses are the primary means of public transport, popularly known as the Red Devils.
The best of the city 

Panama Canal: Without doubt the country's most famous attraction. You can not lose the opportunity to visit the famous canal that since its foundation has been able to shorten time and distance of maritime communication remarkably encouraging international trade, China and the United States being its most frequent users.

Casco Viejo: The Casco Antiguo or Casco Viejo has been considered a classic model of Indian city. This small peninsula in the city of Panama has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Metropolitan National Park: A protected natural area in the middle of town, the lung of the city and a great opportunity to enjoy the fauna and flora of Central America.

Amador Causeway: It is a path as a bridge that leads to 3 islands: Naos Island, Perico Island and Flamenco Island. This is a perfect place to stroll, whether to enjoy upscale restaurants and shopping centers or visiting the Marine Center Exhibition Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

 Panama La Vieja: Panama La Vieja is the name known to the architectural remains of the Monumental History of the first Spanish city. Panama La Vieja is one of the urban attractions that can be visited easily walking through its old cobblestone streets covered in grass to get to know its history of more than 476 years.

Centro de Exhibiciones Marinas:  It includes an informative marine museum, two small aquariums and a nature trail through a patch of dry forest containing sloths and iguanas. There are many exhibits at the center, including a small six-sided building with sweeping views of the Bahía de Panamá. Today it houses a museum containing exhibits on the history of Panama's indigenous cultures.



The city has a tropical climate with a prolonged wet season and a short dry period and an average temperature of 27 ° C.