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Boquete is located north of the province of Chiriqui in western Panama. Much of the district is seated on the Talamanca mountain range. Due to its location and volcanic origin, the soil is very fertile and suitable for the production of coffee and flowers that cannot grow on low ground. The population is divided into three groups: the indigenous Ngöbe from the mountains, who work mainly in coffee; non-indigenous Panamanian settlers; and thirdly foreign immigrants from Europe and the U.S. This is why Boquete has many customs and traditions, such as the Festival of Flowers and Coffee in early January, which is one of the largest events in the country, and the Orchid Fair in April. Boquete is one of the newest and most vibrant tourist destinations in the country with a huge abundance of natural resources such as forest-covered mountains, a large and diverse wildlife population, crystal clear streams and creeks, rushing rivers, a majestic volcano, national parks, and forest reserves. Boquete is truly a place to discover and enjoy!

Ideal for hiking.
Cozy mountain village.
Great cultural activity, especially the Festival of Flowers and Coffee.
Perfect location for ecotourism.
Temperate climate.
Boquete has excellent connections both by air (through the city of David, 38 kilometers away, with daily flights to/from Panama City and Bocas del Toro), and by land, as the path to the Pan-American Highway is in very good condition.
The best of the city 

Volcán Baru National Park: Do not miss this park, which has the highest mountain in Panama: Barú Volcano.

Festival of Flowers and Coffee and Orchid Fair: The abundant and diverse flora provides lilies, estancias, immortelles, papos, hydrangea, bougainvillea, roses, carnations, sunflowers, orchids, and more. These two annual fairs celebrate this incredible wealth of flowers and plants.

My Garden is Your Garden: This private botanical garden is located a short distance from downtown Boquete. Entrance is free and it is open every day. In one hectare of land you can find a large variety of tropical plants, flowers, shrubs, streams, and ponds, making this a must-see attraction for tourists.

Quetzal Trail: This trail connects the district of Boquete with the town of Volcan, and goes across the volcano. From this trail you can see a variety of birds, particularly quetzals.

Rafting: If you visit Boquete, do not miss the chance to go rafting on the rapids of the Chiriqui Viejo.

Boquete Library: This library provides a peaceful reading spot for all with its modern architecture and central location. The library offers a wide variety of programs to the public and is a welcome addition to the small town of Boquete!


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Because of its location, the district of Boquete has a temperate climate. During the day the temperature can be up to 28° C (82° F) with a low of 15° C (59° F) at night. With these temperatures, the atmosphere is suitable for growing flowers and coffee.