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Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city located in the north-western corner of the state of Jalisco in front of Bahia de Fronteras, on the Pacific Ocean. Because of its position, the city has become a chief tourist destination and an important seaport for the country.
Puerto Vallarta’s history dates back to the 1500s when it was discovered by Spaniards. Today, the city still retains its traditional character with cobblestone streets and a colonial downtown area. The city offers around-the-clock activities for people with all interests, tastes, and budgets, because of its large influence of tourists. Apart from its distinguishing palm-fringed beaches, sightful jungles, fancy resorts, and Cosmopolitan infrastructure, Puerto Vallarta is proud of having one of Mexico’s purest waters.
Besides doing a city tour and practice aquatic sports, play golf, or tennis, you could go to some of its nearby beaches, less crowded and with their own attractions. Banderas Bay is full of dolphins and sea turtles. Nuevo Vallarta houses the new marina where you can enjoy peaceful walks and observe wonderful boats. If you are after peace then visit Boca de Tomatlan, a small beach placed in a protected cove. In the surroundings you can spend some time in Rio Horcones, with beautiful streams that end up in the sea and forests. Mismaloya is another of the best-known and conventional beaches in the area.

5 miles of golden beaches to enjoy.
Warm, tropical climate year-round.
Eclectic mix of the old and new.
Many activities for all interests.
It is really easy to get around Puerto Vallarta. Public transportation is fairly cheap. Busses and Trams go around the city with a pretty regular schedule. You can also taje cabs or, in case you're more athletic you can rent bikes. You can also use the water taxis (boats) to get to the beaches on the southern part of the bay.
The best of the city 

Go to the beach: Miles and miles of golden pristine to choose from. The sweeping 24-mile wide Banderas Bay provides scenic beaches, wide sandy stretches jam-packed with tanned tourists, as well as remote sandy spots accessible only by boat.

Experience nature : Do not pass up the great opportunity to discover and explore the natural wonders that await you just outside the city center. Sierra Madre Expedition tour, whale watching, dolphins, etc.

Party hard : While strolling along the boardwalk and relaxing on the beach set the laid-back Puerto Vallarta daytime atmosphere, a whole new tone takes the reins when the sun sets. The city?s diverse nightlife scene caters to every lifestyle, mood, and price range. Whether you prefer to sit back and relax in a jazz bar or fasten your shoes for a night hitting the dance floor, you will definitely have a blast.

Revel in gastronomical offerings: there are many international restaurants, but you cannot miss the opportunity to try food recommended by the local people, try the “burritos de camaron”, “Tacos de birria, al pastor, de asada”, tamales, and many more delicious and cheap dishes!

Shop till you drop: From traditional Mexican crafts to souvenir gifts to designer clothes and world-class art, the shopping scene in this booming Mexican city is as diverse as its world-famous cuisine.

Visit the “Old Town”: The flock of visitors has not chipped away at the Old Town's historic charm, located partly in the Zona Romántica and partially in the downtown neighborhood. Stucco houses, winding old cobblestone streets, and colorful potted flowers all create a lovely atmosphere.



Puerto Vallarta revels in warm and welcoming sunshine almost every day of the year, enjoying a yearly average temperature of 82ºF (28ºC). Every day is beach day! August and September are the hottest months, coinciding with the rainy season that starts from mid-June to mid-October. This season is characterized by high humidity, high temperatures, and passing tropical rains. August is the wettest month, with about 14 days of significant precipitation concentrated in rainstorms. Occasional tropical storms bring thunderstorms in November, although it is typically dry. February to April are the times with the least cloud cover.