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Playa del Carmen


Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a beautiful city that sits on the Caribbean Sea coast. It used to be a humble fishing village and the stopover for travelers visiting Cozumel Island. It is blessed with the same stretch of white sandy beaches and blue waters as other spots in the peninsual. Tourists then began to see Playa del Carmen as a good holiday getaway, and so began its rise as a major destination. It is now home to various hotels, restaurants, resorts, and bars and clubs, not to mention many other attractions such as adventure sports facilities and great diving opportunities.
Quinta Avenida is the city's major street. It is filled with boutiques, restaurants, and many other interesting establishments. Walking along this street will make you feel the festive atmosphere of the place. Here you will find internet cafes, money changers, dive-shops and other specialty stores. Quinta Avenida transforms into a vibrant party venue at night. It is the perfect place to mingle with the locals and fellow tourists. The picturesque beaches in Playa del Carmen are open to the public. The crystal-like waters have the right temperature for a nice swim.
The city offers lots of sporting activities at the beach. You can fish, scuba-dive, or snorkel. Do not worry if you forgot to bring your gears since there are many dive shops that rent out equipment. If you do not prefer some action, you can always relax by lounging under your umbrella. As for culinary adventures, the city also has many interesting things to offer. It has a diverse mix of traditional, international, as well as fusion cuisines. Options include authentic Mayan dishes French, Italian, Chinese, Argentinean, and many other international dishes. Visit the bustling yet charming Playa del Carmen. This heavenly, stylish, and surprisingly seductive place will astound you with all its unique offers. Do not miss it.

This city is all about gourmet food, Mayan culture and ecological sensitivity.
It has a great commercial area around Quinta Avenida where you can find all sorts of souvenirs and cutting edge fashion.
Local businesses like restaurants and spas have chosen to highlight the region's cultural and natural history.
The city keeps the atmosphere of the small fishing village it once was,
You can move around the city either by bus or car. There is a taxi system available and also car rentals for tourists. It's an easy to get around city since all major interest points are near each other except the ruins. To get to the ruins there is a nice bus system. They don't have a fix schedule, they leave when they're full.
The best of the city 

Enjoy the beach: The sunny beaches should not be missed out. This town's name highlights its best feature. Its main beach runs from the ferry dock through the north. Make sure to spend some time on the beaches and enjoy the white, fine sand and plunge into the refreshing crystal-like waters.

Go scuba diving or snorkeling: The Great Mayan Reef has the second largest walls of coral reefs in the world. This underwater wonder houses diverse flora and fauna and also work as a barrier against the harsh surf. The reefs soften it, forming calm natural pools.

Shop, shop, shop: Shopping in Playa del Carmen is crowded on the pedestrianized street of Quinta Avenida. The area can sometimes get crowded, especially during tourist season or when a cruise stops between Cozumel and Playa and disgorges guests for four hours of shopping excursions.

Eat out: There are over 80 restaurants in Playa del Carmen, with different kinds of food on offer and price range that will satisfy your discerning palate and hungry stomach.

Visit Mayan ruins: Such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba. They host many interesting spots that reveal the amazing lives of the ancient civilization. It feels a sort of energy going round that will make you experience this place's magic!

Enjoy different sports activities: Outdoorsy activities such as kayaking and biking, with cultural tours of the local ruins or exploring the jungle or caves around Playa are available. Be sure to take one!



Playa del Carmen has a welcoming sub-tropical climate, therefore it is almost always warm with an annual average temperature around 27C and high humidity. In general, Playa del Carmen waters are warm enough for a splash, but pay attention to weather warnings for your safety, especially during the storm season. November, December, and January are the coolest days of the year. During this period, day temperatures are warm and comfortable, but the air significantly cools off at night. The weather in the city is at its most friendly from the month of February through the month of May. As in many other cities with subtropical climate, days and nights can be extremely hot from the month of June to the month of August. Wear a protective hat and apply generous amount of sunblock to keep your eyes and skin safe from the harmful rays of the sun. There may be occasional storms during the June-August period, but the afternoon thunderstorms normally do not last.