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Students´ social life in Guanajuato


Social Life

The school offers many activities that all imply a deeper immersiona in the culture. With the activities you'll also be able to bond with other international students and local people.


Movies in Spanish,
Mexican music lessons,
Social Cafe,
Cooking classes,
Excursions to San Miguel de Allende and Cerro del Cubilete,
Experience Indian population.

Photos & Videos

Student´s Life in Guanajuato
Students seeing the city, Guanajuato
Students cooking a typical meal, Guanajuato
At swimming pool, Guanajuato
Celebration day!, Guanajuato
Students at lunch, Guanajuato
Students at a typical day, Guanajuato
Monument in Guanajato
Making a garland, Guanajuato
The tunnel, Guanajuato
A beautiful night in Guanajuato
Social Activities in Guanajuato
Reading together, Guanajuato
Visiting the city, Guanajuato
Enjoying the day!, Guanajuato
Cooking a typical meal, Guanajuato
Making a typical garland!, Guanajuato
Playing in Guanajuato
Typical celebration, Guanjauato
Students preparing the garland, Guanajuato
Students eat a typical meal, Guanajuato
Students preparing the garland, Guanajuato
City & Life in Guanajuato
The city of Guanajuato
Guanajuato´s theater
Guanajuato´s center
Beautiful view, Guanajuato
The theater of Guanajuato
The tunnel of the city, Guanajuato
The city center, Guanajuato
Visiting the city, Guanajuato
Hidalgo´s street, Guanajuato
Guanajuato´s city