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Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful small cities in Mexico. Often called the most European of Mexican cities it's filled with Ornate cathedrals and theaters and palatial mansions. The city was declared a World Heritage site by the United Nations.
There are neither neon lights nor traffic lights in Guanajuato, and the traffic is handled in an unusual way. Since the area under the city had been mined extensively over the centuries, old tunnels existed and they have been turned into underground streets. Newer tunnels have been added in recent years, and more are planned, so much of the cross-town traffic doesn’t have to go through downtown. This has allowed many of the downtown streets to become pedestrian-only. This city is perfect for those who love to walk.
The colorful and lively city holds much of the youthful vibrancy and prolific cultural activities because of the over 20, 000 students of the city’s University. This, of course creates a perfect mixture of old, opulent, colonial buildings and fresh, new student activity. A perfect place for your experience abroad!

Great mixture of old and new
Young spirit because of the university presence
Amazing display of colonial architecture
Friendly people proud of its city
Como hemos dicho, esta es una gran ciudad para conocer a pie. Pero también hay un servicio de autobuses durante las veinticuatro horas del día a un precio bastante barato. También puedes tomar taxis, y aunque son más caros que el autobús, siguen siendo bastante razonables.
The best of the city 

Callejon del Beso: Literally, the alley of kisses. This is a very narrow passageway where the balconies above the alley nearly touch; they are so close together. It is considered very good luck to kiss someone under the balconies in the Callejon del Beso.

Ex-Hacienda San Gabriel: Get a sense of what a true "hacienda" really is visiting all the rooms and the entire ground that features small paths, fountains, pools, and pavilions, along with lots of vegetation.

Mina and Templo La Valenciana: The mine that made this city's wealth. It is still being run on a minimal scale, and you can look down the very deep shaft! There are also picturesque ruins around the mine including the Templo.

Museum and home of Diego Rivera: where the famous painter was born and spent the first six years of his life. You can see some of the family's original furniture, as well as many of Rivera's paintings, including one of Frida Kahlo.

Teatro Juarez: Amazing theater that is really beautiful even from the outside. People sit on its steps and simply hang out. Inside, it is breathtaking with its red and gold tones, velvets, stained glass and polished wood.

Jardin de la Union: many families and teenagers go there to hang out and socialize. There is invariably mariachi music, ice cream vendors, and on occasion, a band playing traditional music in the gazebo.



Guanajuato enjoys a mild climate all year-round. Winters are cool but not freezing and summers are hot but not simmering. While the sun is nice and warm, the city's relatively high altitude balances things out and cools the temperature down. You may want to have a jacket on hand for evenings. Overall, it's a pretty dry climate; however, you can generally expect a bit more rain between the months of July and September.