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Insurance & Travel Insurance Cancellation

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Your safety first...

When engaging in any of our programs a travel and health insurance is essential for yours and your familiy's peace of mind. We want your experience to be as exciting as possible and in order for it to be like that, feeling safe and protected is a must. We offer an International Travel Insurance tailored specially for experiential travelers like you.
You can choose different plans according to your insurance needs and expectations. The plans Silver and Bronze feature Travel Health/Accident Insurance, Emergency Travel Insurance, Travel Accident Indemnity Insurance, Travel Assistance, Travel Luggage Insurance, Travel Third Party Liability Insurance limited to your desired coverage amount. The Gold plan features unlimited coverage (including extreme sports) at a really competitive market price.

Some of the benefits of booking your Travel Insurance with us are:

  • You'll be making sure that your full experience is organized as a whole, taking care of each aspect of it,
  • We make sure that you get the best coverage, adapted to your individual needs,
  • Our International Travel Insurance is known worldwide and accepted by health facilities and professionals all over the world,
  • Our insurance provider offers the best cost/quality rates of the market with over 20 years of experience and has been taking care of our participants for many years,
  • Our tutors will be able to assist you with the insurance usage, the contact with the company and the relation: hospital-insurance.

For your safety, we will ask you your insurance information when you book your program. We recommend that you use our Travel Insurance provided by CareMed International Travel Insurance. You'll be able to enjoy your journey knowing that any sudden or unexpected situation will be taken care of. And your family will be able to feel happy for you and your life-changing experience instead of worrying during your stay abroad.

Insurance Prices for destination Latin America

Price 2015 per day - USD 3,75 3,25 2,70 2,15 1,60

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Travel Insurance Cancellation


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