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Basic Description

Honduras is bordered to the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by Nicaragua, to the south by Nicaragua and El Salvador, and Guatemala to the west. This is an increasingly growing country and a place of biodiversity that you could just dream of. Honduras has mountainous landscapes which trends to be a perfect setting for the development of several species.
Honduras is worth to visit because of the beauty of coral reefs and beautiful beaches it provides. It also has ancient archaeological founds and protected areas to enjoy nature. Its weather is nice, with an average of 21º C that will make you enjoy this tropical country with more intensity. Honduras is a great place to start your intercultural adventure!

Cities available

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
The Honduran diet is based on rice, fish, beans and tortillas. The most traditional dish is shot and is a tortilla filled with beans.
Music & Dance 
Between the folk dances we find "La Tusa", "El Baile del Garrobo" and, "Cachazas con Leche".Popular music styles in Honduras include Jazz, rock and Latin music as would be the merengue. Names to focus on include Camilo Corea, Alta Mar, Delirium, Rafael Coello, Victor Donaire and Bana Blanca.
Plastic Arts 
Honduras stands out especially in the primitivist art, being José Antonio Velasquez being the first American artist in that genre. Other important painters are Roque Zelaya, Carlos Garay, Victoria Fontin Teresa Franco, Dante Lazzaroni Andino y Miguel Ángel Ruiz Matute.
Of the most important film directors should be noted Sami Kafati the author of the first movie of Honduras. Some titles that are worth to watch are "Anita Insect-hunter" or "Midnight Souls."
Science and technology 
In addition to the Honduran Council for Science, Technology and Innovation, Honduras also has one of the biggest hydroelectric in America.
Soccer is the most popular sport in Honduras, but people also practice baseball, basketball, athletics, judo and swimming regularly.
Spare time 
Free time is very important for hondurans. They often meet to take a drink with friends, but the family also plays an important role in life and shouldn't be left aside.
The literature on the territory of present-day Honduras dates back over 1500 years, was developed by the Maya civilization in the city of Copan. Some notable writers are Froylán Turcios, Juan Ramón Molina, Rafael Heliodoro Valle, Clementina SuárezHelen Umaña and Argentina Díaz Lozano.


It is one of the largest countries in central America.
It is a very biodiverse country.
80% of the territory is covered by mountains.
Honduras is the 2nd exporter in bananas.
Honduras has beautiful beaches and marvelous coral reefs.