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Volunteer Program in Antigua


Volunteer Program


Contribute with the education and the care of the children of single moms. The mothers need support to be able to be the breadwinner. For that they need to be sure that their kids are taken care of and that are spending their time in a healthy environment for them to grow. By helping on this project you'll help the moms and the children to have a better future and to develop their skills. You can do so much only by caring and putting your love and energy! Commit now and sign up!
Be part of this project contributing actively to the community health development and to improve the quality of life of those most in need. The health center opens its doors every day to attend not only ill people but also to promote primary health care and preventive actions that contribute to the community development. You can be part of this initiative to provide health care according to your studies or to assist in the administration and management of the health center.
Contribute with the education and the care of children aged 0 to 6. They need to be loved and stimulated to develop their motor and mental skills and to be ready to enter the formal education system afterwards. They come from single parents families of low resources that need support to be able to provide for their kids. You'll be able to spend lots of time playing with the children, learning a lot and training your teaching skills. The teachers are waiting for you with the doors of this center wide open. This is the volunteer experience you were looking for. Sign up!
Teach a person to fish for a lifetime rather than simply give them a fish for the day. That's the philosophy of this organization that year after year supports and educates children in need in different areas. You'll be able to encourage these kids to develop their skills and grow personally and emotionally to become capable and self sufficient human beings. You can make a difference for these children, sign up now!
Provide care and attention to children aged from 4 to 18 years old with special educational needs. These children come from a poor background and need help to be able to develop their mental and motor skills to their potential to reintegrate society and to assist to the regular education system. The people behind this project work to give these children a chance to have a normal life and need your help!
Take care of children with mental physical disabilities of the poor population of Antigua. You'll be able to assist the professionals at a refuge that provides all the attention these kids need including medical and psychological assistance as well as emotional support. You'll create everlasting bonds with all the children and with the staff that will teach you all they know. Get immersed in Guatemalan society helping those who need it more!