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Antigua is a beautiful city lined with cobblestone streets and authentic colonial buildings. The city is also known as "The Rare World Heritage" for its unique and traditional culture. Between trendy court cafes and beautiful gardens, this city attracts students and travellers from all over the world, while emanating a relaxed and hospitable atmosphere.
Antigua also provides both international and local cuisine at very affordable price. For those interested in international nightlife, Antigua beautifully lit with bars, discos, and Latin salsa clubs. Antigua displays a world of incredible places to visit.
As soon as you arrive in Antigua, you will admire its colonial architecture, local vegetation, tree lines and the famous Mermaid Fountain.

Beautiful colonial city with cobblestoned-streets and authentic colonial buildings.
It has the World Heritage title given by UNESCO.
Surrounded by 3 volcanoes.
Wonderful weather all year long
Within the city the best thing to do is to walk. Antigua is fairly compact and is almost completely flat and being a small city, most importante places are at a walking distance from everywhere. You can also find picturesque buses to move around and out of the city.
The best of the city 

Spend a day visiting the ruins around town: Just wandering around Antigua you will be sure to run into more than a few ruins of churches and convents destroyed hundreds of years ago by earthquakes.

 Visit the Local Market: Spend some time getting lost in the market and watch Guatemalans do their shopping. Big market days are Monday, Thursdays and Saturdays. Behind the covered part is where people set up fruit and vegetable stands.

People Watching From the Parque Central: Families and couples come to Antigua from the surrounding towns and Guatemala City to “dominguiar” which translates to “wander around on a Sunday.”  

Get Cultured at El Sitio: Check out an Art exhibit or take a yoga class at El Sitio. There is always an art exhibit on display or a free movie being shown.

Discover the Inner Workings of the Coffee Industry: Most Guatemalans are involved in coffee in some way-- either by picking or processing. Learn why Antigua produces such great coffee and make your own!

Have a Picnic in the Park With Fresh Tortillas: You can get fresh tortillas plain or with beans right off the fire and then head over to the park called la Tanque Unión across the street to eat them.



This city's climate is lovely year round and is generally hot throughout the country, making travel possible at any time. The rainy season is generally from May to November. Climate variations are due to altitude and the north has a hot, tropical climate with maximum rainfall between May and September.