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Basic Description

Ecuador is bordered in the north by Colombia, at the south with Peru, to the east  with the Amazonian and to the west with the pacific ocean..  
It is a country with many aspects that are worth visiting. On one hand  the Galapagos Islands, a paradise of biodiversity where Darwin developed his theory of natural selection.
On the other hand the Andes, volcanoes such as Chimborazo that is the farthest from the core of the earth and rivers like the Amazon make Ecuador a very beautiful country. Ecuador is a land of mega diversity of flora and fauna. Places like the capital, Quito and the Sangay National Park have been declared World Heritage Sites. Ecuador has a warm climate, according to its geographical location, being situated on the equator. Definitely a great place to start your adventure!

Cities available

The best of the country
Food & Drinks 
The Ecuatorian cuisine is very diverse, but there are some ingredients that you'll always find in the recipes, ingredients which are the base of Ecuadorian diet. Fish, bananas and meat are very common in the dishes. “Bolón verde”, ceviche, stew, meat with onions or “palito” are just some of the dishes you will have the opportunity to taste.
Music & Dance 
In Ecuador, music has a very important role. Styles such as salsa, guaracha, parade, preemptive strike, bolero, bachata and mambo dances are very influential in the country. A prominent composer Luis Humberto Salgado wrote classical music and is very valued in the country.
Plastic Arts 
Ecuador has many skilled handicraftsme. They have many traditions like making everyday objects out of ceramic, metal or basketry. Ecuador has also some local artists that are internationally recognized like Oswaldo Guayasamín, Gonzalo Endara, Eduardo Kingman or Camilo Egas and Oswaldo Viteri.
Ecuador has produced several important documentaries and short films but the most important may be "The Tiger", "Between Marx and a Naked Woman" and "Rats, mice, thieves", although they are not internationally known they won awards in various festivals.
Science and technology 
7 out of 10 Ecuadorians use Internet with regularity, and today there are more telephone line than inhabitants which demonstrates that the country is developing technologically.
Soccer is the most popular sport in Ecuador. Important clubs are Barcelona Sporting Club and El Nacional.
Spare time 
Ecuatorians like to enjoy of their free time. It's usual to go out to dance or to have drink with friends, but spend time with the family is very important, too.
Costrumbrismo is an important literary movement in Ecuador. It endeavors to show the way of life of the people, realistically reflecting the lives of the common people, especially the indigenous way of life. Some important authors are Jorge Icaza, Juan Montalvo and José de la Cuadra.


Ecuador has 70 volcanoes in its territory.
It is the country with more rivers per square meter.
The Galapagos Islands are the place on earth with the highest biodiversity.
Ecuador is the country with the most banana exportation in the world.
Like Chile, Ecuador is the only South American country that doesn't border Brazil.