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Your Spanish School in Sosua



The Sosua Spanish School is set in a Caribbean-styled building, surrounded by beautiful scenery, providing a very relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Because of its serene nature, classes are often held outside.


+3 spacious classrooms
Equipped kitchen
Terraces and Balconies


First day welcome package
Weekly tours and recreational activities calendar
Free Internet access - WI FI
Internet access - WI FI (low cost)
24/7 Emergency phone
Local tutorship


School Location

The school is located within a few blocks from the centre of Sosua, and only a five minute walk from the marvellous beach in the district of El Batey.
"I think I really lucked out with my teachers. They were both interesting and had creative ways of teaching. Karlita had us teach sometimes. Fredy had us interview people about concepts or vocab, so much fun. My favorite part was when we would stray from the grammar and Fredy would talk about history and Mayan Culture & the civil war. That is what I emailed home about all the history I was learning! They were patient with our mistakes, encouraged us to talk more. I will definitely be back someday. I will pass on this information to everyone in my home town! Thank you!"