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Located east of Puerto Plata on the northern coast, Sosua is one of the finest beach towns in the Dominican Republic. Sosua is commonly chosen as a desirable destination among tourists for its beauty and rhythm. Dominicans claim that this is by far the best beach in the entire country. The main attractions of Sousa are, without doubt, its beaches, shops, and restaurants. Water sports, such as snorkeling, are also quite a popular attraction. You should visit the Amber Museum, or take a cable car ride up to the Botanical Gardens just on the top of the Torres Mountain.
Columbus Water Park is a good option for a lot of fun in its slides and many pools. Another beautiful park is Go Kart or Bumper Car Park. El Batey, placed at the end of the beach, is a residential area plenty of gardens, shops, hotels, and newly erected villas . The old part of Sosua is called Charamicos. Here, you'll find the original and traditional Dominican lifestyle, with the hot Caribbean music: merengue, bachata, and salsa.

University city, suitable for those with student budget.
Friendly and open people.
Late nightlife culture and young spirit.
Natural landscapes a few minutes from the city.
The road is in good condition. The village located 15 km east from the airport. In Sosua you can move with taxis or bus.
The best of the city 

Diving: Sosúa is a paradise for diving and water sports. You will be able to do Windsurfing, Kite and many other activities. Discover an underwater world of coral reefs, and colorful fishes.

Charamicos: It is the most authentic part of Sosua where you can truly appreciate the culture and experience what the Caribbean music means in its highest peak

Columbus Aqua Park: This water park is the largest in the Caribbean. Its main attractions are its huge pools and slides. It has tunnels and slides in which you can achieve incredible speed of 75 km/h. Among its attractions are the 14 slides of different lengths and different difficulties.

Beaches: Undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of Sosua is the beach, which enjoys a unique reputation within the Dominican Republicbecause of its beauty

Amber Museum: Not everyone knows, but the entire north coast of Dominican Republic is filled with one of the world's most beautiful minerals: Amber. Visit the museum and discover this precious stones.

Jewish Museum: Sosúa was founded by 500 Jewish settlers and their mark still has not faded over the years. Although the Jewish community today is concentrated in Santo Domingo, still survives a synagogue with an interesting museum.



Located near the Caribbean, Sosua has a tropical climate dominated by winds from the nord west with a nice breeze all year round. Sosua is a Exceptionally hot city with an average of 31 degrees per day. This region is sunny for most of the day so you can expect warm and sunny conditions most of the year.