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Customize your Experiencia en español!

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COINED Group Spanish Experiences

You can start your "Experiencia en Español" at any destination, combine it with any program and finish it where you wish! You can combine Spanish Courses of any kind, Internships, Volunteer Program and the accommodation you prefer. 

  • - You can start your at any destination;
  • - Combine it with any of our Programs - Spanish Courses, Internships, Volunteer Program;
  • - And finish it where you wish!
  • Contact us and customize your Experiencia en Español!

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Thanks to the wide variety of programs and destinations we offer, you can design your experience the way you want. According to your tastes and needs, you can customize the components of your experience in all our destinations, knowing you have our support and expertise for all aspects of your trip.

- Quality education, a methodology of standardized education to all COINED destinations;

- Learn about different cultures and landscapes, continuing with the same program;

- Experiencing different forms of Spanish language in different regions.

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Some examples of our former participants! Customize your own Program! 


Santiago de Chile (CL)


Buenos Aires (ARG)


Montevideo (UY)

2 weeks of Spanish and Salsa Lessons


2 weeks of accommodation in Homestay


2 weeks of Spanish and Tango Lessons


2 weeks of accommodation in  Residence


2 weeks Intensive Lessons


2 weeks of accommodation in  Residence






Spanish Course Individual Experience

Julie had the idea to visit the South to learn Spanish. Thus, enjoyed different Spanish courses in impressive cities: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Montevideo. In each chose a different type of accommodation which enabled her to live in a family environment and also in a student life.



México City


Antigua (GUA)


Matapalo (CR)

2 weeks of Super Intesive Lessons


2 weeks of accommodation in Residence


4 weeks of Spanish & Culture Lessons


4 weeks of accommodation in Homestay


4 weeks of Volunteer Program (Nature)


Accommodation at the Reserve






Ecologic Volunteering in Costa Rica - COINED Spanish Experiences

Alexander had six weeks of Spanish course in two different cities and took what he learned into practice by helping in a volunteer project in Matapalo, a paradise beach of Costa Rica. His task was to protect the sea turtle eggs.

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