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Internships in San Jose




If you've got interpersonal skills and you are detail and social-oriented and student or graduate in Medicine, Nursing or any related Medical Science this is your opportunity. Sign up now!
If you are a social and pro active person with writing and researching skills and you want to improve your knowledge about the law system in Latin América, sign up now!
If you've got communication and social skills, you like working in team and you consider yourself proactive and responsible, Improve yous skills in the real world. Sign up Now!
You'll be in touch with lots of people, promoting new ways of cooperation and partnerships. All the contacts you can make will be important to develop your job. Sign up now!
If you enjoy transmitting your culture and helping others to learn and you've got excellent interpersonal and social skills, commitment and oral and written communication skills, this is your opportunity.
If you've got interpersonal skills, good manners and you are polite and proactive, this is your opportunity. Sign up now!